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T-Girl Danielle on Dominic Kane

from Daniel’s site

Danielle implemented in the infamous XBIZ Blowjob Story

In real life that is, I have fantasized about him frequently since the incident, but…
As some of you may know, others may not is that I was implicated in the blowjob story of a major mainstream porn star this past XBIZ awards and I wanted to come clean as to my involvement in what was said to be a shameful act by none other then Domenic Kane.
When the story first broke I was implicated as one of the “trannies” who gave Domenic Kane a blowjob in the upstairs bar and I wanted to give you all my side of the story

All I did was simply ask  a cute guy who approached me and some of my friends  to pull out his dick and he did. In Domenic’s defense you would have to agree we are pretty cute, right?
Before I describe the incident any further  I wanted to say that our behavior that night was not seen as “Typical of trannies” until it was released who we actually were. No one but our fans knew who we were or that we areactually world known performers with very successful careers.

In fairness if he had no idea who we were, I had no idea who he was at the time either. I never watch straight porn. I usually watch guys on web cam jacking off if I need a quick release.
Here is my recollection of the evening…I only had 4 shots of tequila. I rarely go out and I almost never drink. I was completely happy and care free that night. I was having a great time, upstairs, with friends, and some people who were obviously looking for a scandal and found one.  Hence my suspicion that this may well be a publicity set up. It sure put a few people on the map, even those who did not want to be involved – me for instance
Other than asking to see his beautiful cock I didn’t do anything else with him at all.   I am a person who lives by the rule of honesty, and I don’t make it a practice to sleep with guys who do not know my birth gender. This kind of  behavior can  be very dangerous and I do not want to be another statistic of violence

Whatever else may or may not have happened with Domenic didn’t involve me.  But more was made out of my innocent flirtation, and my name was implicated by someone, who claims  to  be a publicist but is acting here more like  gossip queen.  I had expressed my concern and tried to stop the story from being released.  My first concern was for the man’s career, since I know how judgmental people are about guys who hook up with “dirty trannies”  After I heard about Domenic’s behavior that night and his violent streak in the past and learned more about his reputation, my second concern was for our safety.  We are good people. We get tested regularly by AIM. I have never tested positive for one single thing at AIM the past 5 years I have been in the industry. For anyone to be upset or scandalized or scared by the fact we are transgendered is ridiculous,and wrong.

I am deeply sorry Domenic and I hope you understand I had all intentions to keep this story quiet. You were attracted to us because in your eyes we were women, and that is a natural reaction of any straight men who is attracted to us.

Unfortunately this is being used as a form of cheap shot on the guy’s character and sexuality – oppression is something me transsexuals and the men who appreciate us are too familiar with.
Writen by Danielle Foxxx
Edited by Rhonda Roberts

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