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T/S Danielle Foxx Threatens LIB with Legal Action

NL-I’ve never heard of Danielle Foxx, as a matter of fact I thought she was Elli Foxx’s daughter when I approved her account. Well she made a LONG video about her hate for Luke is back and posted it on YouTube. She calls  Lukeisback a “HATE BREEDING SITE” I believe that is libelous. She also says things in the video which are probably Slanderous. I say probably because after the first minute, I couldn’t watch anymore. She does start out the video by saying that she took down her old account because of all the hateful comments  people posted. Hmmm I wonder why? If you have the stomach to make it through the whole nine minutes please let me know what it says. And also someone please save the video so that she can’t go back and delete it or change it if things start to get ugly (for her).



Here is the comment she posted- titled Violation of my human rights and Hate material on your website

This post is a Goddamn shame, made so by discriminatory statements not only towards the transgender community but also the open minded, gay/bi community. It’s really amazing how people are so vocal in their views or gays and trans still to this day.
I am ashamed of being human and related in a molecular way to all of the negativity I am reading below – what will we do next? Hang Black people? Bring back slavery, White Supremacy, Holocaust, Darfur, Tibet??? This is despicable behavior and you people should be ashamed to even open your mouths.

With that said… I don’t blame you one bit, I blame your parents, society and your inability to embrace all of the colors that make up our breed. Your animalistic and barbaric behavior towards people has a name – Oppression. But are you really in the position to judge and cast the first stone? We are all sinners and last time we checked this was the country where everyone is allowed to be who they are – I mean, look at the constitution, written by at least one person who liked to cross dress, one of our founding fathers Ben Franklin used to go to bisexual parties…

Open your mind people, get the hate out of your hearts and live and let live. Stop being so judgemental.

It makes me sad, depressed and ashamed to read these comments. I am cordial, respectful, to everyone and this website allowing hate material to be publicly displayed is a violation on human rights.

You people should be ashamed – Please moderate your site and protect minority groups from this type of behavior, this is why I emailed every single one in your staff – One of you incompetent, sorry excuse for human beings will have some trace of a heart.

Take the hate material down or I will be forced to get the GLBT Law Offices involved.


NL- After reading this I e-mailed Danielle –


HI Danielle,
Perhaps you have not heard of something called “Freedom of Speech” which I allow fully on my site. My commenters are free to express their opinions and I have very little to do with what they say. Maybe you should read the site for a few days and get a feel for it before you threaten me with legal action. I don’t take threats lightly, especially misguided ones. I’ll be expecting either an apology for your threat or a letter from your lawyer as to what legal grounds you have to stand on.

Not Luke

This will be posted on my site


Danielle writes-I don’t have lawyers dear Luke or whoever you are,

As I see you have no sympathy for me or my community. It is freedom of speech indeed, however this all goes beyond freedom of speech. You are allowing hateful people to spread their hateful words. I would think as someone who is in the web business want to consider maybe making an positive influence on society and not allowing this kind of despicable behavior.

I am offended, my community is offended and I am sure most decent kind hearted people who read this sorta hate propaganda is disgusted by it.

Your insensitive words to someone being offended are so typical of what trans people encounter on a daily basis. I just don’t understand why you would allow trans people to be refered to as dirty diseased creatures. That is not freedom of speech – that is freedom to hate.

With that said I will do all in my power to make sure to bring attention to your email, posting your response in several trans support groups and website. I will let my freedom of speech and your insensitivity have a little wit war – but I am going to warn you “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”

Let the fun begin…

FYI – I am not a man nor have a ever been a man. Kimber James, Angelina and Christian are extremely hurt by this, as you have allowed Christian and others to be ridiculed publicly, knowing that they were being harassed you aid these cyber bullies.

I don’t need to get a lawyer to tell you these next words:

Hateful, offensive speech, even directed at racial, ethnic and minority groups is generally protected from government censorship by the First Amendment. You may recall the Nazi march in Skokie, Illinois. In 1977, a Nazi organization planned a march in this predominantly Jewish suburb of Chicago that included about 5,000 residents who suffered direct persecution from the Holocaust. After a series of court hearings, the Nazi party was able to march. How do you feel about that “Luke”?

That’s right. The First Amendment is not an absolute. It doesn’t protect obscenity. Other speech that can be restricted by law or by policy include: fighting words, incitement, and defamation. Hate speech, in itself, in protected unless it also falls into one of these unprotected categories.
According to the Supreme Court, “fighting words” are epithets reasonably expected to provoke a violent reaction if addressed toward an “ordinary citizen.” The Supreme Court held: “… such utterances are no essential part of any exposition of ideas, and are of such slight social value as a step to truth that any benefit that may be derived from them is clearly outweighed by the social interest in order and morality.”
A threat with a specific target, in this case the GLBT community. For example, if a library patron says all civil servants are scum, he is participating in robust debate. If he says to a clerk, “I’m going to knock your head off, you government scum,” that’s “fighting words.”
Have you ” Luke ” checked out ? I would suggest you read about my community prior to allowing this type of behavior.
Like I said, I am doing all I can in my power to hopefully bring light to your insensitivity, after my expression of deep offense, you responded by… simply stating… I don’t give a shit about you or your community.
This is not a threat – it’s a promise! I don’t take hate lightly!

Like I said before, perhaps you should follow my site a bit before jumping in with criticism. You might want to get to know me also, since you don’t even know my name or my gender.

I post on transgender boards, have several trangendered people who post on mine and consider many T/S my friends. (Even when they get upset with something that is said by a commenter on my site, they understand that it doesn’t neccessarily reflect my point of view)

 I allow ALL points of view whether I agree with them or not.  I am offended by some things that are said by commenters on my site, but I don’t take them down. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I interfere with comments as little as possible. But If someone said something specifically about you that was totally untrue (and not just an opinion), I would take it down. Don’t believe me? Ask you buddy ChristianX, as much as he doens’t like me, I talk to him pretty often.

I personally love most people and do not judge them by their sexual preferences. I judge them by their open-mindedness, and their willingness to listen to others who disagree with them, but I mostly judge them by how warm-hearted and well-meaning they are.



Danielle writes- That’s great if you do have tranny friends Luke, I don’t…
However, I am offended and I cannot take that back, you must agree that these comments bring tears to people’s eyes. Maybe some trans kid who is freaked out about being trans reads this and hurts himself. Not your fault of corse but if we all can contribute to make a difference and shut hate up then we can all live together, banning the haters into the bubble they want to live in.

I don’t think my small voice can save the race however if I yell maybe the echo can get carried out really far and reach someone.

I agree with difference of opinion, we need Yin as much as Yang good and evil, but these words are not of disagreement, they are filled with hate.

I am sorry that you are taking offense to my dislike to all of this however I am truly offended and so are the parties involved.

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