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T/S Kimber James’ first time, Tops Angelina Valentine

Kimber James invites viewers to get personal with her as she performs like she has never done before!

(Hollywood, CA)  Kimber James (, the glamorous Transsexual beauty who has starred in several XXX sex scenes has made an impact on adult entertainment since launching her eventful career. The stunning 5’4 Miami Beach native continues to see her popularity skyrocket with each performance as viewers can’t get enough of the blonde’s trademark intensity. Kimber continues to garner attention from critics and fans alike who love seeing James’ sexual ferocity unleashed.

In every one of her scenes, and in her personal life, James has performed as a “Bottom”. Until now. Never before has Kimber had sex as a “Top” but that all changed with an incredibly scorching hot shoot that took place in Los Angeles June 28th. Popular pornstar Angelina Valentine, known for her exotic beauty and high-energy sex scenes received Kimber in what is James’ most personal scene to date.

“I’m still in shock about how amazing the experience was,” said James. “It was my first time on screen or in my personal life, and what better way to do it than with one of my best friends. I think one of the aspects that makes the scene so intense is our chemistry and how organic the sex was for us. We really turn each other on and it shows. Watch and see.”

 “It was the bomb!” exclaimed Valentine of the scene. “It was my first time with a Transsexual. So, if I was going to do it I wanted to do it with the best. It was a great scene, lots of energy and the chemistry was there because of our friendship. Seriously, this scene is easily one of my hottest.”

The landmark scene will be available for viewing later this week exclusively on and also includes Kimber’s personal blog, hardcore XXX videos, thousands of photos and James’ own forum where members can interact.

It’s an exciting time for James who has been keeping busy with a myriad of projects that keep the blonde bombshell in the spotlight. From her recent first ever Erotica L.A. appearance to dominating the red carpet at the 2009 F.A.M.E. awards, James has made her presence felt. “I love the adult industry and all the opportunities it presents,” said Kimber. “I enjoy staying busy and I’m having a lot of fun setting up exciting new projects. I plan to make 2009 a big year for me.”

Another way Kimber James demonstrates why she is a “Top” transsexual in adult entertainment can be seen this week on or! Watch James in her most personal sex scene yet!

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