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T/S Star Wendy Williams Wants to do an interview with LIB


Here is a preview of Wendy’s background-

In 2004 when I began my career in the Industry I was told OFTEN that I didn’t have the look to succeed. When my Avn review came out for Jet Set 3 (my first video) and I received praise I was ignored.  When I started my Production Company (currently Gia Darling and myself the only Independent Performers with Production Companys) I was told it wouldn’t last. 

I then started to notice my fan base build and I would hear them say “we like you because you don’t look like everyone else” OR at the top I was one of very few dominate shemale tops!  Now 3 consecutive AVN Nominations for Transsexual Performer of the Year and Best Transsexual Series I guess they were wrong! 

Of course I am aware that they still think my career has been some sort of “fluke”.  Every year I have pushed myself as a business owner BUT also crossing over and being involved with the “straight” side of the Industry also.

Hoping that my niche receives the same hype and praise as any other! I have used my Bachelors Degree in Marketing for not only my company but my website and Wendy Williams the performer! 

When the AVN Awards come and go I then push myself as a performer hoping THAT video will be the one!  Last year my good friend Allanah Starr won but deep down I had worked so hard so I said its time too push it even harder.

This year I was the first Transsexual to star in a GangBang that featured an all African American Cast (8 guys): A Shemale GangBang: The Interracial Version.  I also was the first ts to sign at an Official Store Signing (Hamden, Ct)!

(NL- I’ll be interviewing Wendy for this site. What do you guys want me to ask her? She can handle the tough questions. The first Q’s I want to ask are about the words tranny & tranny fucker….lol)

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