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T.T. Boy’s Brother Talon Makes

Here’s the report:

Imagine, you’re a sexy Latin man with a passing resemblance to Dr 90210, Dr Robert Rey, and you decide to pursue a ‘career’ in the gay porn industry. But then, your family gives you flack about doing gay porn. So, you decide to have a ton of plastic surgery to change your facial appearance and then do straight porn, so that no one will recognize you (so you think!). Your name must be Talon (a heterosexual adult performer), whose first foray into the adult industry was under the name ‘Lex Baldwin’. Both of the above photos are of the same person, however the one on the left is ‘before’ and then one on the right is ‘after’. It appears that a nose job, a brow lift, some sort of weird lip surgery, and heaven knows what else, transformed a cute guy into something very strange looking.

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