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Tabitha Stevens on Howard Stern

Walrus writes on XPT:

This morning Howard had washed up porn actress turned plastic surgery pin cushion Tabitha Stevens on his show. She was there to play a game and the winner got a blowjob from her and a scene in her new movie. The best part was when her mother called in and Howard played various clips from different pornos to see if her mother could guess which ones where her daughter.

I just caught the replay and looks like they went and filmed the scene right after the show. He was hyping her website so it’s probably just something for her site. Like I said the only good part was making her mother listen to her scenes and trying to tell if that was her daughter or another porn star. Actually one of the scenes they used was one of Ava Rose. Which her mother thought was Tabitha.

SpongeBob posts: “Hell, what they showed her doing on “The Soup” (I love that show) last week was even worse. She had her mom and dad watching her play dress up and they had to guess who she was trying to be. It was really sad and you could tell her parents were embarrassed by the whole thing. She reminds me of Mary Carey in that she takes attention whoring to new levels.”


Bornyo posts:

She was on Dr90210 last night (yeah, I was that bored). She was traveling in a motorhome with her mom and dad. Her mom was going to have a tummy-tuck. That’s got to be where the Soup clips came from. They pulled over on the side of the road and she did a costume fashion show for her parents. She flashed her tits at them. Her dad looked uncomfortable.


The surgeon said Tabitha showed signs of addiction to the surgery and he’d cut her off. He thought she was experiencing it vicariously through her mom. He saved the tissue/flaps he cut off her mother and allowed Tabitha to handle/hold/fondle them after the surgery.

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