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Tabitha Stevens says she will DO OTTO!


Porn Superstar Tabitha Stevens was the topic of discussion on The Howard Stern Show recently after she revealed to Will Murray that she would gladly give herself to a 21 year old man with Down Syndrome whose Mother wants him to get laid.

The topic was female super heroes when Howard said that he was thinking there is a real one out there and Tabitha Stevens is who he was thinking about. “Tabitha is really like a super hero stepping up for something like that,” commented Howard.

When asked why she made the offer Tabitha said,” He’s a man that hasn’t had sex. It isn’t his fault he has Down Syndrome. He should be able to experience it like everyone else and this is what his Mother wants.” Howard said they should get the Mom and the Son on the phone and told him to try to make that happen.

Tabitha recently finished producing and starring in her first Cherry Boxxx Pictures release ( entitled “Tabitha Stevens’ Sticky Wet Sex” due out May 22, 2009. “I’m thrilled to be working with Cherry Boxxx Pictures, they let me out of the box… I can be as nasty, crazy, and wet as I want because that’s what my fans love.”

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