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Tabloid Prodigy Babe

Burt Kearns blogs on TabloidBaby:

Urblogger, performance artist, genius savant and Air Supply fan L-ke F-rd does his latest, pointed, autistically focused and totally characteristic interview with writer Marlise Kast, who’s getting lots of ink for her book Tabloid Prodigy, and only recently getting a few kicks in the butt because of the hypocricy between the covers.

And Luke’s attempt to get to the soul of the woman whose book carries the subtitle Dishing the Dirt, Getting the Gossip, and Selling My Soul in the Cutthroat World of Hollywood Reporting reveals her to be something of a prig:

…Marlise has been pimping herself as a tabloid vet, adrenaline junkette and outdoorsy sexpot. But though she’s hoping to cash in on dishing it out, she can’t take it when it’s dished back. Looks like Marlise is no tabloid babe or prodigy, after all; only a confused young woman whose publisher packaged her wacky memoir as a tabloid keeper so readers might think it’s a followup to Burt Kearns’ classic Tabloid Baby.

Luke finds the passage anyway. And with that and his life’s work, he carries on where Howard Stern left off when he dropped from the public eye. Luke is the real tabloid prodigy. Read his Marlise story here. This is a guy who deserves his own reality show.

I’m profiled in the Jewish Journal. Click here to read Brad A. Greenberg’s article.

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