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Tabloid Prodigy Marlise Elizabeth Kast

I first heard of Marlise on LAObserved.

After I read Tabloid Prodigy (Marlise worked at the tabs from October 1997 to March 2001), I went looking for a review that articulated my confused feelings about the book. I found it on

If they gave a prize for the most confused book of the year, Tabloid Prodigy would have to be a top contender.

…[H]her book is written in a simple vocabulary and sentences so basic that I was left wondering if she was still dumbing things down for the kind of audience that wants to learn about celebrities. Either way, the result is confusing. While she writes well about day-to-day details of her job, her attempts at describing wacky office antics or the crazy dynamics of her family fall completely flat.

Kast, a proud Christian, left the Globe after two years because, after being “plagued by doubts” about the ethics of her job, she realizes she’s been “lying about who she really is,” and needs to come “face to face with her conscience.” If this is the case—if she’s really ashamed of how she led her life, of the lies she told and the people she harmed—it’s hard to understand why the book cover is laid out like a tabloid and covered with flashy pictures of the beautiful young author amid celebrity headlines? Most people who feel they’ve made shameful ethical compromises don’t usually write books about how thrilling it all was.

Even more confusing, Kast has dedicated her book to “my heavenly Father, in whom I put my trust.”

Another horny guy beat me to her interview. Normally I wouldn’t allow my hormones to pour into my interview, but Marlise does write a lot in the book about preserving the treasure of her virginity.

On page 117, she writes:

Casual dates became routine, sometimes four or five different guys in one week. It was dinner and dancing, or drinks and a movie. Whatever the combo, it was always at night and only went as far as my front doorstep.

Nearly every second date ended in a kiss. And then I never called them again. I provoked with my lips, over-glossing and brushing four times a day, becoming a mouth tease without morning regret.

I had to find out if her virginity was still in tact, and if so, did I have a chance to take it. Read On.

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