Palin, Just Part of the Plan… by The Colonel

Part Of The Plan   By The Colonel   Sarah

Why No Nudity? Readers Q’s

I know that Luke’s religious beliefs prevented him from including

A Famous Poet Inspired by Audrey Bitoni- Poetry on LIB- a first!

“from her eyes like a livid sky where the hurricane

Just Released Jenna J pics from her new(?) movie Being Jenna

Well, I have these pics and the movie Being Jenna.

Jeremy does Porn Star Karaoke (pics)

Victoria Lawson, Rhyse and Rhylee Richards Evan Stone Rhyse and

Bree Olson says she LOVES Myspace & FU Facebook

Isn’t she adorable??? picture courtesy of Adam & Eve  

Newbies-Consider Your Future before doing Porn

On Porn By T.B. Hunter February 2009 On the surface,

Holly Randall is Sad :(

     I am sad!!! So I’ve been working my

What do you want to see Daisy​ Duxe do??

NL-Have sex in front of a bleeding water buffalo? Oh,

Uncle Scott Fayner giving up his site?

Scott of Scott writes- hey, as you may know

HIV+ in Brazil continues

I’m getting mail from all sides of this issue. Some