APAC Vice President Lasha Lane Wants AHF Testing Centers Added to PASS

Content trade performer Lasha Lane is either stupid, or she

Felon Phyllisha Ann Behind New Porn Fingerprint Bill? #IEAU #APAG #ScamUnion

The Porn Union, the gift that keeps on giving.. There’s

How Quickly Porn Forgets About Talent Testing Services (TTS) and AHF Teaming Up

I know, it’s porn, half of you have no clue

What is Ava Taylor of Hot Girls Wanted doing now?

Ava Taylor was one of the stars of the now

New Poll Shows Support for Prop 60 Dropping to Just 40% #NoProp60

Voters Turn Against Prop 60 In New Poll Support for

San Jose Mercury News Opposes Prop 60 In Blistering Editorial

LOS ANGELES — San Jose’s Mercury News, the second biggest newspaper

Adult Performers Head to Sacramento Today to Protest Adult Film Initiative

SACRAMENTO — Adult performers from across California will head to Sacramento

Industry Goes to Sacramento Against Weinstein #RemoveWeinstein

On the 8th of June the California Legislature will hold

VICA Votes to Formally Oppose Condom Mandate for Adult Films #RemoveWeinstein

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition announced today that VICA,

Leading AIDS Organization Formally Opposes Adult Film Ballot Initiative

AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) cites proposal’s deficient public health

Mike South In Bed With AHF and Michael Weinstein ?

As per the norm, blogger Mike South wasted no time

Dear Mike South, The Fat Lady Has Sung

Yes, Mike South is still around. Like Monica Foster, I

Beware! Mike South still endangering lives by not testing talent

I was recently contacted by a model who’s a member

FSC is the boy who cried wolf

The FSC lost credibility with me a long, long time

AHF’s Newest Bill- Free Condoms For Prisoners!

Nl- Just one of the many free bennies you get

LATATA’s Lawyer Says AHF Suit is Frivolous

NL- Maybe someone should investigate AHF…. LATATA Responds to Allegations

Weinstein Demands ‘No on Measure B’ Give Back Manwin’s $150K Contribution

NL- “Demands”? lol. Words like that just makes people dig

AHF’s Really DUMB Billboards

This is a sarcastic billboard placed by Aids Healthcare Foundation,

What AHF is Not Telling You About the “Condoms in Porn” Law ?

What AHF is Not Telling You About the “Condoms in

AHF Press Conference- Derrick Burts & Darren James, Paid Consultants?

NL- I’m curious how much AHF would pay me to