Alana Evans Is Either Completely Full Of Shit, Or Stupid

Ill make this quick. Last week, while going thru the

Performers Weigh in On Union Dictator Alana Evans Plans to Destroy Their Brand #APAG #PornUnion

Last week I wrote a very compelling opus about Alana

Alana Evans and the Scam Union No Longer Want You Posting Naked Pictures on Twitter #APAG

I just downloaded all the filings from both APAG, and

Alana Evans and James Bartholet Really Know How To Party

I can’t be the only offended by this picture: For

Alana Evans is a Disgusting Human Being #APAG

It never ceases to amaze me how Alana can interject

Thoughts Over My Morning Cardio. Vol 2 #BillyBoston #APAG #RacistShit

It’s been a a good couple weeks on Twitter, lots

Did APAG President For Life Alana Evans Fall Off The Wagon? #APAG #PornUnion #Scam

Alana lies so much she forgets who she really is.

The APAG Hypocrisy #5609122433.789 Gotta get that cash #APAG #Scam

It’s been a while since APAG has made an appearance

APAG to Host Industry-wide Meeting for Action Plan Against “Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act

The announcement of the latest attack on the adult industry,

APAG Announces Name Change and Organizing Efforts

The organization known as APAG is excited to announce changes

Cross Dresser Hating APAG Hosts Trans Townhall Meeting

Never one to miss a chance at some publicity, APAG

Scam Union Tries to Scam Other Scam Union #APAG Versus #IEAU

This will be blunt and quick… Alana Evans, Ruby and

Felon Phyllisha Anne Terminates APAG

Gee, who didn’t see the coming.. Wasn’t aware you could

The President Of APAG Speaks

As the newly elected board for APAG. Adult Performer Action

Scam Union APAG Sending Out More Bullshit Cease and Desist Letters

Alana add her cronies over at AGAP don’t like bad

APAC Announces it’s 897th Fight Racism Meeting

How many meetings do you need to have to “combat”

Which Porn Union Member Sent In This Anonymous Complaint To OSHA UPDATED

According to xbiz, former APAC member Verta wrote the complaint. 

FSC’s Lotus Lain Tries To Fight APAG Board Member

How great is this? FSC, the de-facto champion activists of

Kink~E Magazine Looks at the Instagram Porn Star Problem

The secretary of APAG just did an interview with Marabelle

How Many People Were Actually Allowed To Vote In The APAC Officer Election

APAC, not to be confused with the scam porn union