Congrats Mika & Alec, on your DIVORCE! Pics

Text & Photos by Jeremy Steele Divorce Party? Why not.

Divorce is Higher in the Bible Belt

NL- Here’s the simple answer,  teens are horny and their

Maria Finds Out Arnold Has a Ten Year old!

  I won’t Be Back! In my Marriage that is.

NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez divorce agreement, Yea for prenup!

Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez have been married for five years

Exclusive Interview-Demi Delia- on her divorce, kids, reality show

    Why are you and Randy getting divorced? Randy

Randy Spears/Demi Delia Divorcing !

From Demi Delia’s myspace blog   MOMMY XXX ….what is

Teagan tells the details on ebay

Teagan says-**Special thanks to eBay who kindly reversed their decision