FSC PASS Calls Production Hold

The idiots at the FSC finally called a production, 17

Michelle LeBlanc Ousted from FSC?

Looks to me like Michelle was forced out of the

FSC’s New Covid Testing Protocol

The FSC held an agent meeting a short time ago

PASS Lifts Production Hold

They lifted the production hold after less than 24 hours…

FSC Slams TRPWL, Where Do We Go From Here?

A little while ago, FSC sent a press release out

Cherie DeVille’s Latest Piece for the Daily Beast Is a Call to Arms

Los Angeles – Cherie DeVille, award winning performer, is one

PASS Production Hold Lifted Immediately

Below statement was just released: PASS Participants, PASS has received

Production Hold Extended

FSC put this out: PASS is extending the current production

PASS Calls Precautionary Production Hold

You’re fucking welcome .. Original post   This morning, PASS

FSC/PASS Issues Statement On CET Leaving PASS

FSC issued a statement by tweet a little while ago

PASS Recommending Covid Testing No Long Needed For Vaccinated Individuals

From PASS, which is “no longer connected” to the FSC,

FSC Echoes LA Department of Public Health’s Call for Production ‘Pause’

FSC is asking adult film producers in the Los Angeles

APAC Vice President Lasha Lane Wants AHF Testing Centers Added to PASS

Content trade performer Lasha Lane is either stupid, or she

MindGeek Says “Fuck TTS!”

So MindGeek is restarting very limited production, consisting of 1

Say What??–TTS Told XBIZ Current COVID-19 Test Results ‘Not Affecting Production’ #AHF #HIV

Someone isn’t telling the truth.  FSC says at least a

FSC Resorting To Scare Tactics To Get Their Way

After the FSC Board told Michelle to kick rocks, the

FSC & FSC Board Members at Odds Over Shutting Down Production

Hearing from a couple people that Michelle wants to shut

TTS Drops Ball on Covid 19 tests…Doesn’t Give 2 Fucks Either

Like NO ONE saw this coming… TTS couldn’t deliver on

Vixen Media Group Sucks FSC Dick, While Cheating With Hot Russian Girl

Vixen signed onto the FSC’s resume shooting guidelines   A

FSC COVID-19 Task Force Update

The FSC issued a statement today about their COVID-19 task