TJ Cummings HIV+ Testing

  October 11 – October 25 – TJ Cummings tested

ATMLA Releases Statement on HIV+ Test

NL- This is so the right way to handle things,

Performer Who Tested HIV+ Comes Forward

NL- Cameron, We wish you the best with all this,

HIV Tests Are Fake?

NL- This is several emails pieced together from someone who

Derrick Burts Had Sex With TWO HIV+ Men Report says

 from April 20, 2011 A report examining an HIV

Porn Actors With HIV


HIV Positive At AIM?

NL-Yes, but just to cover my ass, I have to

Sharon Mitchell says on AVN “there isn’t widespread danger” RE: HIV+ Porn Star

 This story is from AVN This is not a

Female Porn Performer Tests HIV Positive-For Real? or Rumor?

NL-AL received some confidential info from a reader via e-mail.