A builder accused of murdering two sex workers said “She tripped on a banana skin”

A builder accused of murdering two sex workers lied to

Iconic Tattoos on Dismembered Body Parts Help Cops Crack Porn Star Murder

When investigators found 15 thawing body parts of a young

Former Shy Love Client Aubrey Gold Arrested In Murder Of Alabama Man

Whoa! Felt it was prudent to share a former client

Jason Andrews (Sunny Dae’s Boyfriend) Takes Life Sentence for Murder

thanks Ed From http://www.tampabay.com/ Porn actor pleads guilty in murder

Sunny Dae & boyfriend Tweet Pages

The murder took place May 15th. Since there was a

Steve Hill Falls/Jumps off Cliff

photo taken by @seo_kiwi seconds before Hill is shot (rubber

Steve Hill/Driver Still at Large- more info

One of the problems I had in the beginging of

Muslims are good, modern, positive people

A Muslim business man, Muzzammil Hassan,  started a TV station

David Elms (owner-The Erotic Review) suspected of Hiring a Hit Man

From the Arizona Republic Phoenix police on Tuesday announced the

My Turn on Brian Surewood

My Turn on Brian Surewood I let you guys say