Obama Gets Four More Years!

These are current statistics but not all votes have yet

Obama On Tonight- Debt Negotiations

Washington (CNN) — Democratic and Republican congressional leaders unveiled new

Obama Has Good Taste in Who He Follows!- Sara Jay

NL- Barak follows me too, just sayin’ ADULT STAR SARA

Obama’s Birth Certificate Here

NL- I don’t understand why this wasn’t released right away

Trump For President?

NL-Should Trump run? Would he win?  Would he go after

Obama’s Speech- Uplifting? or Upsetting?

NL-What did you think of Obama’s State of the Union

Donald Trump Wants to tell Obama “You’re Fired!”

Donald Trump Tells Fox 5 He is ‘Seriously Considering a

The “Radical Right” is the New McCarthyism?

Memo: Have they no decency? Help PFAW (People for the

Obama Signs Hate Crime Bill


The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Goes to An American…-UPDATE with more info

Surprisingly it is President Barack Obama for his efforts in

Obama Apologizes to the Special Olympics

Last week on Jay Leno. President Obama talked about his

Obama signs 787 Bill stimulus package

CNN.com reports- President Obama signs a $787 billion stimulus bill

David Ogden is Porn Positive, Obama’s choice for Attorney General-

David Ogden, Obama’s choice for Attorney General is porn friendly,

Daschle asks to withdraw his nom

CNN.com reports White House: Tom Daschle asks President Obama to

Obama overturns abortion info suppression

**************************************** PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION OF AMERICA President Obama has overturned

I DIDN’T DO IT, But i should have…

  I WILL. I PROMISE! Thanks for the reminder Rog.

Who’s the man behind the screen? (comedy)

Please leave your funny caption in the comments section. There

Put Bush on a short yellow bus & Legalize Pot

An Act of Desperation: Guilt by Association by 42nd ST

McCain will send US down the toilet

The world’s verdict will be harsh if the US rejects

Biden VP running mate to Obama

Fri , 22 Aug 2008 8:49 pm      CNN confirms Sen.