Which Porn Union Member Sent In This Anonymous Complaint To OSHA UPDATED

According to xbiz, former APAC member Verta wrote the complaint. 

No “Employer” Info For Cal/OSHA

from http://www.xbiz.com/news/video/135424 Judge Denies Cal/OSHA’s Request in Porn Investigation  By

Cal Osha Fines Adult Company $21, 470

NL- Great Story from Xbiz.com that lotsa people are talking

Mr Marcus “Condoms in the Adult Industry” OSHA, AHF, Health Dept & Pink Cross

NL-Looks like Mr Marcus will be alone on the side

The $40 Solution by Tim Tritch

OP/ED by Tim Tritch One of the main criticisms of

One Simple Solution to the HIV Reporting System by Tim Tritch

ONE SIMPLE SOLUTION op/ed by Tim Tritch I would like

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Petition

A petition was filed on December 17,2009 by AIDS Healthcare

Cal/OSHA Meeting Agenda

Bloodborne Pathogens in the Adult Film Industry Cal/OSHA Advisory Meeting

Angelina Armani & Darren James Speak at OSHA Meeting

From http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow State regulators agree to explore requiring porn industry

OSHA Hearing Tomorrow, Wanna Go?

From Darrah’s site PornStarBabylon.wordpress.com Important OSHA hearing this Thursday. Posted

UH OH…List of Movie Companies Targeted by Shelley Lubben & AHF for Complaints to OSHA Tomorrow!

NL-I condensed this story. Read the whole thing at their

CAL OSHA- Rules for the Adult Industry- Part 1

CAL OSHA Rules for adult sets- Part 1 http://www.dir.ca.gov/DOSH/AdultFilmIndustry.html#hh In