Giffords (alleged) Shooter Charged With Murder & Attempted Murder- More info

by Cindi Loftus Congresswomen Giffords is still in serious condition

Hustler Celebrates Halloween Early with their Palin Masks!

Looks like a  chin trim is in order… The folks

Who’s Nailin Palin? Letterman is! I love this!

NL- I have to give props to someone we never

Sarah Palin Resigns as Alaska Gov with a Rambling Nonsensical Speech

NL- I told you guys when she was running for

Palin Gets Pranked by Canadian radio station (vid)

She thinks she is talking to a government official, uhm

Who’s the man behind the screen? (comedy)

Please leave your funny caption in the comments section. There

NEW Palin Parody starring Raquel Devine

More on this story and naked pics under Another Palin

Nailin’ Palin SCRIPT & Cast leak- Exclusive

Hustler’s upcoming movie Who’s Nailin’ Palin should be hysterical. Here’s

Palin abused her power…

 CNN reports-Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power in a state

Nailin’ Palin- Hustler does Political porn parody starring Lisa Ann

HUSTLER Video Strikes Again With Palin Parody     (Beverly

Doug Stanhope Offends Again- It’s Brutal!

Doug Stanhope Offends Again! You all were wanting something disgusting,

A Better Job Opportunity for Palin

LeMay​zing Pictu​res looki​ng for new MILFs​ Have you ever wante​d

Palin: Dominionist-Be afraid, very afraid !

Sarah Palin: Dominionist : As Ultra Right Wing As They

Palin, Cheated on Hubby too?

So far we know that Sarah Palin, wanted Alaska to

Reasons to be scared of Palin

  1.     Palin Slashed Funding for Teen Moms. Whe reduced

Trig Palin, not her child, but her GRANDCHILD?

Interesting thought. Palin didn’t tell anyone publically that she was

Palin’s daughter, 17, unmarried, 5 months pregnant

by Jason George of The Swamp ANCHORAGE, Alaska–The presidential campaign

McCain’s VP Palin AGAINST abortion even in Rape & Incest

From the President of Planned Parenthood Yesterday morning, on my