Whiteacre On Lubben’s Latest Effort

OP/ED by Michael Whiteacre George Orwell once advised that saints

LA Weekly Reports Negatively on Shelley Lubben…

Haters of anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben milked the symbolism for

Do Porn & Mothering Mix? Alana Evans on Dr Drew & Shelley Lubben Appears…

see the clip here http://www.hlntv.com/video/2012/05/01/can-you-do-porn-and-be-good-mother Do Porn & Mothering Mix?

Shelley Lubben Says “Porn Harms”

NL- Does Porn Harm? I believe in some cases, girls

Whiteacre Lambasts LIB for “Promoting” Shelley Lubben

OP/ED by Michael Whiteacre Cindi, if Donny Long had sought

Wanna Read Shelley Lubben’s Book For Free?

NL- I read it and it’s an interesting read. Looks

Shelley Responds to Her Brothers Vid

 Shelley wanted me to let you all know– “Please tell

WOW- Shelley Lubben’s Brother Speaks out Against Her

NL- In thinking about this whole situation, I was trying

Maddy, Shelley Lubben, Fattorosi, Lawsuits

NL-Maddy has sent me & given me permission to post

Whiteacre’s Letter to Shelly

NL- This is the letter Shelley talks about in her

Shelley Lubben’s Response To Whiteacre & Maddy

NL- This is the opinion of Shelley. I do not

Shelley Lubben- Drug & Alcohol Problems ?

Michael Whiteacre has been putting up  pieces of his Documentary

Shelley Lubben Wanted NO “Playboy Club” -Now it’s GONE

NL-Shelley Lubben was protesting that this show was even going

Shelley Lubben Calls Playboy Damaging…

from  http://www.foxnews.com/ Anti-Porn Groups Tell NBC to Nix ‘Playboy Club’

Shelly Lubben on AIM Shut down

( NL- I generally keep my opinions to myself, but

Cambridge Debate & Shelley Lubben- A review with pics

from http://www.varsity.co.uk/reviews/3361 Union: Pornography Debate During this debate Jessi Fischer,

Porn Wins at Cambridge Debate

UPDATE Students voted 231 to 187 in favor of the

“The Devil & Shelley Lubben” Videos Are Out

NL-Michael Whiteacre & Lydia Lee (Julie Meadows)  in their new

Elizabeth Rollings Leaves Porn, Joins Pink Cross, Her Story

NL- Since I had never heard of Elizabeth Rollings, I

Shelley Loves You Ann & is Shocked at your Leaving Pink Cross

picture from the convention on Thursday Shelley writes me- Truly,