PASS Lifts Production Hold

They lifted the production hold after less than 24 hours…

Production Hold Called / Possible HIV Case

The FSC has a called a production hold. Hearing a

PASS Calls Precautionary Production Hold

You’re fucking welcome .. Original post   This morning, PASS

HIV+ Performer Case Confirmed UPDATED

We have confirmed a performer has tested positive for HIV,

Zoe Parker Fundraiser Shutdown

I’ll leave the speculation as to why for the clickbaiters. 

More students are experimenting with sex work during COVID-19 shutdown

The number of students turning to sex work is rising

Vixen Rep Says TRPWL Is a “Hater”

I would of put this up sooner, but I was

Mindgeek wants to call the shots on talent going back to work #TheyGot$

Over the last few days, the largest employer of adult

FSC Lifts Production Hold, But doesn’t want anyone shooting

The politics behind this have yet to be revealed. We

Porn Shutdown In Europe After Nacho Vidal HIV+ Diagnosis

Porn production in Europe has come to a halt as

“No Person Living With HIV Can Be Cleared In Pass” FSC

Over the last few days, fueled by idiots looking for

FSC Lifts Porn Shutdown

A few hours ago, FSC lifted the porn shutdown..Work can