“Lost Butterfly” (Jade) Writes on The Foxxes, The Chicken Ranch & Shelley Lubben

Opinion/Editorial Written by Jade at xxxworldofporn.com/ People and people’s lives

Reason? or Rumor? why dancer was burned

Sophia writes- My friend says that the reason that this

OP/ED info on the suspects and what happens in Tittie bars

NL-I did a quick edit and spell check on this

Club patron tells what happened to Injured Dancer, Roberta Busby

NL-I talked to Sophia Mounds who knows Mia (aka Roberta

Sophia says Rape, Jeremy says she’s nuttier than a pile of squirrel shit

The battle between Sophia and Jeremy seems never ending, but

The Laws According to Sophia

Sophia e-mails me- Cindy go to my site, the xxxworldofporn.com

Did you miss Sophia? She tells us about her scene with Rodney Moore

by Sophia Moore from her site http://xxxworldofporn.com/   Sophia writes-

Is this enough of Sophia yet? #4

NL- I dont’ want to keep all this good reading

Your dose of Sophia #3

11.8.8 Sophia writes me   Jeremy is of feble mind and

Missing your dose of Sophia? #2

 10.31.08 Sophia Writes me- I ment “only some people” not

Missing your dose of Sophia? Here’s her newest e-mails to me #1

NL-Sophia asked that I leave her alone. So I stopped

Sophia on Editing and Punctuation

NL-Sophia apparently likes Al’s writing. She just thinks she needs

Is this an entry into the “LIB’s Love Letter Contest”? Sophia e-mails me…

  (NL-This is totally Sophia’s opinion, and not to be

You Dirty Back-“Stabing” Bitch! Sophia writes me…

Sophia writes to me- Tell your dumb-ass friend if I

“My Boyfriend” Ryan Knox writes me a love letter….

From: Ryan Knox Date: Sep 27, 2008 12:42 AM First