Sophia Mounds Is Looking Good These Days

pictures by IndustrybyRick, Rick Garcia from Porn Dan’s B-day Party.

Sophia/Jade Closing her blog, Maybe…

NL- I’d just like to say to all of Sophia’s

Sophia Writes about Shelley Lubben & I Visiting Her Club -UPDATE

NL-Tuesday 4.20.10 I just talked to Shelley, she didn’t go

All you Posters are Super-Lame, and I am back to smoking Crack!

Written by Sophia Mounds ( aka Jade) on her site

The Sophia Mounds that we all know and Love is BAAck…

NL- For the last several months the comments Sophia posted

Sophia Mounds Vs Sophie Dee

Oh I so wanted to be nice and just leave

Sophia’s Rambling- Now She Has Her own Thread

NL-This is written by Sophia Mounds/Lost Butterfly/Jade and is her

Sophia on Shaving, Waxing, Doctors & Cookie Monster

NL- Funny story, but don’t read while eating… Why I

Sophia Mounds-Has survived hacking, and revamped her site. I heard from Sophia today. She is in the

Reason? or Rumor? why dancer was burned

Sophia writes- My friend says that the reason that this

OP/ED info on the suspects and what happens in Tittie bars

NL-I did a quick edit and spell check on this

Club patron tells what happened to Injured Dancer, Roberta Busby

NL-I talked to Sophia Mounds who knows Mia (aka Roberta

Sophia says- FUCK OFF!

NL- I am 95% sure that Sophia is not The

Sophia says Rape, Jeremy says she’s nuttier than a pile of squirrel shit

The battle between Sophia and Jeremy seems never ending, but

The Laws According to Sophia

Sophia e-mails me- Cindy go to my site, the

Missing your dose of Sophia? #2

 10.31.08 Sophia Writes me- I ment “only some people” not

Missing your dose of Sophia? Here’s her newest e-mails to me #1

NL-Sophia asked that I leave her alone. So I stopped

Sophia says LEAVE ME ALONE, and then sends me another e-mail to post

NL-I’m just going to post this e-mail that sophia sent

Sophia tells her side of the Story…

by Sophia from her blog When Jeremy got out of

Sophia says Jeremy is not the sharp tool in the shed OR Sophia finds the quotation mark

Sophia Mounds writes me an e-mail that says- Tell jeremy