The Colonel Checks in on the HIV “Myth” Story

Op/ed by The Colonel I just checked in, and I

America The Broke- by The Colonel

America The Broke  OP/ED By The Colonel   “And so,

Sordid Obsessions by The Colonel

Sordid Obsessions  OP/ED By The Colonel   This past weekend

Steve Driver & Sunny Dae Porn Performers/Murderers?

Too Late Now OP/ED By The Colonel   2010: The

The Colors Of Men- Is the Industry Racist?

Colors Of Men By The Colonel   The latest episode

Of Masters & Puppets by the Colonel

Of Masters And Puppets OP/ED By The Colonel  ‘Truth, truth,

The Colonel on Conspiracy

New Porn Order Op/Ed by The Colonel   The word

Best 2009 Mainstream Movies says The Colonel

Best Movies Of 2009 By The Colonel It’s that time

Pandora’s Box- Opened, For Better or Worse- The Colonel

Pandora’s Box By The Colonel   Now comes the final

The Colonels says ” The End is coming” For Porn

Through A Glass, Darkly By The Colonel   I recently

The Colonel’s UpDate On the Polanski Case- What you all have been waiting for…

The Idiot’s Guide To Roman Polanski Case Opinion/Editorial By The

THe Colonel on Polanski’s Rape Charge

Heavy Shades Of Grey Opinion/Editorial By The Colonel   On

The Colonel says “Color Me Black”

Color Me Black   Op/ED By The Colonel In the

The Colonel Writes on “The American Way”

The American Way By The Colonel I remember a scene

Palin, Just Part of the Plan… by The Colonel

Part Of The Plan   By The Colonel   Sarah

HIV- The Aftermath by The Colonel

The Aftermath   Opinion/Editorial By The Colonel   June was

The Colonel-How you can STILL make money, making porn.

This Thing Of Ours By The Colonel   I want

The Heroes are Dead

 The Heroes Are Dead By The Colonel   This morning

Top 10 Reasons Why Holly Randall Should Do Hardcore…

By The Colonel Top 10 Reasons Why Holly Randall Should

You Think Fucking on Film for a Living is EASY?

  Walk The Walk By The Colonel I’m sick and