BREAKING NEWS: Erika Icon Renames New Jersey #TheRubPR

Erika “Shrek” Icon is one of the worst people in

A Rebecca Vanguard Story #TheRubPR #ErikaIcon

Rebecca Vanguard used to go by the stage name Sailor

Breaking News: Erika “Shrek” Icon Warns Of “Asian Invasion”

I’ve never been a fan of Erika. She’s pretty much

Erika Icon Client Tries To Jack The 101 Models Name

Desperate for cash, Erika took on some fly by night

Erika “Shrek” Icon Jerks Herself Off On XBIZ

So I sit down on the toilet and start going

Erika Icon & Johnny Goodluck Try and Bully A Performer Into Signing NDA

Somehow, we here at TRPWL are not surprised.  Johnny, who

Kyler Quinn Says Fuck The FSC’s Shutdown

The adult industry no longer surprises me . The world

Erika Icon Preemptively Bans People From The APAC Mental Health Pot Party

I know what you’re thinking, Does TRPWL care about SEO? 

TRPWL Wonders Why? Syphilis, Go Fund Me’s, Stolen Carpet, Feature Dancing, And No Shows.

Twitter is a wonderful place. I get so many screencaps

Sarah Vandella signs with TheRub PR

Blonde bombshell Sarah Vandella has an ultra fierce attitude, which

DEMON SEED RADIO Gets New Syndication & Hires The Rub PR

Demon Seed Radio is starting off 2015 with the goal

What It’s Really Like to Be a PR Person for Porn Stars

Erika Icon talks to Cosmo magazine about what it’s like