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Takedown Piracy Surpasses 1.6 Million Removes


Through January, Takedown Piracy has removed over 1.6 million infringements!

Averaging over 200k infringements removed per month, but I think Feb. is going to be higher.  Sent one notice today for 30k+ for one client, safe to say that’s going to be a high month numbers-wise.

Total Infringements Removed as of December 27, 2010:   1,397,086    

Stats as of November 28, 2010

Auction    1,386
Blog    10,872
Cyberlocker    498,610
Forum    115,109
Image    78,473
Search Engine    202,676
Social    294
Torrent    262,149
Tube    12,603

Pornhub uploaders getting the boot
 by Nate Glass from
After hammering the Manwich people relentlessly about how they are not implementing or enforcing a repeat offender policy, they finally relented a few weeks ago.  Thanks to a combined effort from RemoveYourContent and Takedown Piracy, the top uploader to Pornhub (JJ09) had his account removed.  While the uploaders there lamented the loss of the patron saint of copyright infringement, they had no idea what was to come.

In recent weeks more and more prolific uploaders have had their accounts cancelled.  Eat and Beat, Great Gonzo and Jakkups were all uploaders with hundreds and hundreds of copyright infringing uploads.  If the people behind Pornhub had 1% the integrity that Youtube has, these users and all their videos would have been gone a LONG time ago.  But in true scumbag fashion, the Manwich people showed that not only will they not show any ethics until they are absolutely forced to, but even in doing ‘the right thing’, they have found a way to still be scumbags.

You see, unlike YouTube which has a 3 strikes policy, Pornhub has no clearly defined repeat infringer policy.  This leaves them open to numerous lawsuits since a repeat offender policy is required by the DMCA law to earn safe harbor.  But even when Pornhub does remove repeat offenders…they don’t delete all the uploaders videos.  They simply move them to their in-house “anonymous” account.  That way they can still get all the traffic and benefits from the clearly copyright infringing movies.  This shell game of copyright infringement won’t look good when it comes to light especially in a court of law.  So enjoy it while you can Pornhub, your reap what you sow.

And to the uploaders of Pornhub, why are you still doing this?  Why give a shady corporation your hard work so that they can earn millions while you get nothing in return and they can drop you at their whim?  Time and time again we’ve seen examples where those engaging the ‘work’ of piracy seem to believe that the site they do it for is somehow some sort of socialist utopia, and time and time again we see that myth obliterated as these site owners are shown to be nothing more than the same greedy capitalists the uploaders thought they were rebelling against.

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