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TalkWithStranger Review (2020)


Everyone has got instructions in life at some point to not talk to strangers while using your tablets or phones,

or been counseled about the dangers from strangers, and how important it is to avoid indulging with them.

But when internet brings the world to your phone, and you can’t keep your nose and hands off it.

You’ll encounter strangers from all over the world, some of whom are amicable, interesting and lovely, and just like yourself. If you’re gregarious, amorous or are genuinely looking for a company in this farcical world of candy floss romances, you can try TalkWithStranger.

It provides free random chat with intriguing and cool folks in private chat rooms.

You don’t need registration as the chat is free. You can chat with strangers, send messages and pictures, and even videos in private chat rooms.

You may be a poet, who loves to write on the beauty and feminine swagger of women but you are too shy or recalcitrant to share your verses with your peers, you can join the site. From friendships to romantic quests and relationships, TalkWithStranger provides you with everything.

It’s the best alternative to Badoo, Air chat, Mocospace and Omegle. If you like interacting with other folks on the internet, or are seeking Omegle ladies, and want to do texting, you can join this site. Its family-friendly pillars don’t allow you to do online sexting here.

With 83% of girl’s reply rate and more than 35000 online girls, you can let your words and instincts flow. Use it anonymously and don’t bother about privacy hiccups.

What makes TalkWithStranger so popular?

For starters, the ability to talk one-on-one to strangers without any registration makes TalkWithStranger a wonderfully surreal and bizarre website, enabling you to take the digital meet and greet format to another level. What spikes its popularity is your bandwidth to chat with anyone.

It’s a stellar feature when it comes to random and spontaneous chat directives online. It instantly connects you to a stranger, and you can start a conversation. It pricks one to think whether it’s a serious friendship/relationship builder or a mere gimmick!

The site is also free for everyone, and it states that it shall continue with this modality forever. Although it’s pretty good, would you pay for it? Although you can’t live stream through webcam, you can surely share videos and photos.

It serves a good purpose when you increase your strike rate with someone. However, the site strongly advises you to not to accept any such stuff from strangers.

As a member, you’re free to delve into any topic. You can explore religion, politics, or sex. TalkWithStranger is still moderating its public threads and forums, but the content is entirely user-generated, which validates its authenticity.

Despite all this, the website accepts teens above 13 years with their parental permission to maneuver the free chat option. You need a working email address to create your TalkWithStranger account. There’s no need for email verification.

If you want to economize your game’s progress, you need to create an account before starting to play. The site provides numerous multiplayer games to choose from. Account registration will give critical benefits in this regard.


Website address –

Estimated Visits Last Month – 1.63M.

TalkWithStranger is a fantastic platform to meet an unknown individual and spin a hearty and entertaining conversation.

It’s a top-rate site among various age categories, including teenage sensations to mature adults.

A superb feature range gives the scope of communicating in numerous ways. You get the first impression from its home page, where you find different chat sections. 

In the left corner at the top, you enter your name and messages for your chosen stranger to see you. Although the site may seem to be riddled with ads, it however, doesn’t create hurdles for your navigation. Its brand of service deserves a special mention.

The site markets itself towards both the genders. That’s a relatively complicated and all-encapsulating way of concluding that it’s for everyone. Alongside keeping the operations free, it also showcases a rather exciting and compelling tone through frequent use of exact or provocative semantics.

It speaks of making your chatting experience spicy and sexy through that random texting feature and cooking it in the funniest, and most pleasant and absorbing manner possible.

From a distance, it’s a pretty weird and worrying signal for the site to give, especially when it’s marketing its brand to boys and girls.

You can also register via Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Add your photos after that. It has a pretty search and filter process. Your options are random chat, public chat, global chat and stranger chat. A sheer advantage of TalkWithStranger is the public chats entertain all types of discussions.

You can easily find stuff from USA or UK users, and conversations on music and computer games. Sharing your pillow and quilt thoughts or thwarting that loneliness with folks is also a great idea. Some members come here to look for real friends and the love of their lives.

You have the bandwidth to connect filters with your age category, location, and the same interests.

Concisely, it’s fascinating to fish for random persons in personal chats because you may not see him/her, and you both immerse yourselves in a conversation sans the faintest idea about who’s sitting on the screen’s other side.

That’s how the digital world operates. Follow your impulses and instincts, but don’t trust the former. 

Despite being a free site, TalkWithStranger entails a set of unique features. It contains a blog page that has moderators posting articles that provide advice on general topics. Anybody can access this page without any cost. Use its search tool to join the public chat rooms.

The random stranger chat has free video and voice features. If you’re bored of the threadbare stories, hop into the classic games scene with Adventure Time, Tetris and Bomberman at your bay. They are one of the most popular and viable features of the site.

If there was a disconnection during a private chat session, you could find your chat partners and lost friends.

Regarding its usability, you can also use the platform without an account. That would, however, bar you from participating in public chats. Also, you cannot send videos or pictures with nude or vulgar content.

Some members do get away with profanity and nudity in private chat rooms as they run without moderation. It also has an app that contains all the functionalities. You can download it for free.

Both Apple and Android users can do it. You’ll find it easier to use the app if you want to settle down with video and voice chat.

From an exciting viewpoint, the app is a much better choice if you want to know TalkWithStranger. It doesn’t contain the cluttered advertisements, which is an eyesore in the desktop version. The photos have better scaling inside the app, and they have sorted the chat rooms well.

You can easily send a voice message through it with your mobile microphone. The desktop version keeps throwing up incessant errors. The single flipside here is that you can’t more than two chat rooms simultaneously.

Pricing & Membership Fee

TalkWithStranger’s free version is creating some good buzz of late. You get all the services without dishing out a penny. With all functions in the backdrop, you can quickly and easily find an exciting and genuine interlocutor.

Every free feature lets you send emails with different files, voice messages, and images. It feels like using the good, old social media network, albeit in a different setting and with lots of persons whom you’ve never met in real life. There’s nothing called paid membership here.

You don’t need to upgrade or subscribe to any such thing, or purchase credits and cookies to get access to features. You need to pop in and get into chat mode.

For a more detailed purview of the site, you can hit

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Anti-scam & Safety


Overall Rating


Site Statistics

  • Ranking and engagement: With a global rank of 14,970 and country rank of 7,141, TalkWithStranger entails a category rank of 164. The average visit runtime is around 00:13:30. With a bounce rate of 23.53%, the pages per visit are 23.11.

  • Organic search: 72.2% search it generates is 100% organic. With 0 paid keywords, it has a decent social media reach of 1.38%. Apart from the 83.30% presence on Youtube, TalkWithStranger also scores above 5% on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.

Competitors of TalkWithStranger

Some of the most conspicuous market rivals of TalkWithStranger are Ashley Madison, AdultFriendFinder and eharmony.

If you’re into sugar dating, the top sites that are giving stiff competition to TWS are SugarDaddyMeet, EmilyDates, Victoria Milan and Asia Charm. Each one of them has a 9+ rating, but what sets TalkWithStranger apart from all of these is its free registration and mechanism.

Its dating feature encompasses a small fragment of the community, and it also doesn’t prove its acting mettle. Additionally, you’ve many minors who shouldn’t fall into the relationship quagmire.

If you’re looking for a dating site that lets you slog along with a home run, you can check out the ones mentioned above.


  • Apart from cracking funny jokes or sharing your experience, you can start some philosophical and enriching conversations that can make two like-minded people bond well. Not everyone to spice up their lives with some hot chocolate on bed. There are some for whom the mental connection is a much bigger turn-on and foreplay. This site gives you that field and fodder.

  • To give it further credit, it doesn’t have an FAQ page. Regardless of its impersonal tonality, it does help you with a few common questions. You also have a basic contact form, which provides everything you’d expect from online tools.


  • It’s very ad-heavy. Every page of the site is bedecked with adverts that mostly cater to the adult dating scene. It makes you flinch from seeing the site’s messages and marketplace insinuations make the whole experience revolve around dating and sex at times.

  • Some may find it too impersonal. Being completely anonymous and random can make it challenging to develop a meaningful and nice conversation. One wonders if it’s a vehicle for marketing gimmick or not. With every sullen and drab conversation, you have an anecdote. Click on the dating app ads!

  • You cannot negate the safety concerns. The chat service has numerous ones. The most worrying is how it encourages young boys and girls to participate in the presence of some questionable and obscure adverts.

  • When you first hit the ‘chat now’ button, a message crops up, asking you to accept its terms and conditions. Apart from this, TalkWithStranger has scanty resources in terms of customer support, security tips or safety guidelines. It seems to harp on messages that fuel you to flirt and nosedive into the pool, rather than encouraging you to stay safe.

  • The site’s content also has an array of worrying and misleading messages. When it gives you a milieu for meeting ‘sexy’ and hot strangers, teaching you how to hit on unknown people and flirt, you need to use your wits and common sense. 


TalkWithStranger claims to address users’ safety. However, you always some leeches and scams. Due to the site’s free basis, anyone can visit it and start a chat sans any payment.

It’s indeed great that you can use the website anonymously and don’t need to fill tedious questionnaires that hammer you with the requisites of photo uploading, age proof, and personal information. You can stay private and are free to keep your identity or presence secret.

Its detailed and comprehensive FAQ section provides discernible guidelines, answers, and thorough explanation. If you don’t know what to do or where to click, you can visit this particular section.

It provides a solution to each issue that may surface. In case it doesn’t enlist your problem, feel free to contact TalkWithStranger’s Customer Support cell.

If you want to see how it operates, you can click on

YouTube Videos on TalkWithStranger


Just like other chat websites, TalkWithStranger has numerous fake users. There’s no strict profile photo protocol. It’s however noticeable that virtually nobody uses their real pictures. Those clichéd and mundane pictures of flowers, animals, anime characters and celebs are irritating.

Just by dint of a profile, it seems most unlikely that you’d get a read date because you don’t know how he/she looks or even catch a glimpse of that person’s personality. There’s no separate page to display a member profile.

The site has a small pop-up window, which shows a username, a photo, and countless chat buttons. No mechanism tells you to add some lines about yourself. In this case, your skills and confidence to spin a conversation directly with someone you don’t know or don’t see is the key.

That’s how to extract information about her or him. You’ll not be able to figure out beforehand whether TalkWithStranger will partner you with a female or male. Being alert and aware is very important.

Parting Words

We’ve categorically mentioned the term gimmick umpteen times before. TalkWithStranger is a random splash of fun and relaxation. It might seem that we’re denouncing or degrading the site, but that’s a far-fetched conclusion.

We’re just focusing on the best approach to this famous site, helping you to harbour realistic expectations. On the surface, there’s very little chance to foster and sustain a fruitful connection or relationship with a total stranger, and that too online.

If you remember this fact, don’t involve yourself in anything beyond that. If you confine your parameters to a set limit, you can have lots of fun with TalkWithStranger.

It’s very happening, and from a romantic perspective, it’s pretty pleasant and welcoming to interact with a stranger when your approach is innocent and genuine.

We found it pretty helpful to converse with somebody you don’t know and share ideas of love, marriage, society, sex, crime, perversion, fear, solution, and fantasies and the whole nine yards.

The charm and impact of the site do have a vast scope for improvement, we reckon. It can do much better if it drops at least 50% of the crazy adverts that keep coming up at every block. The site also needs to tidy up and revisit its aesthetics or visual tonality.

In this way, it could enhance its user experience and fetch some good draws or gains from its gimmicks. It’s a foregone conclusion that no physical harm or abuse should come from anybody fashioning the cause and using this marketing gimmick.

However, we strongly advise that anybody below 16 years of age should avoid this site.

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