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Tanner Mayes’ accusations against JM are FALSE says Tony Malice

Tony Malice writes: We just wanted to take a moment and point a few things out, and clear up some information that Tanner Mayes has incorrectly put forth. First, Tanner has been in 3, count them – 3, movies for JM Productions. Fuck Machines 5, Gag Factor 28, and the upcoming Lesbian Bukkake 15.

Even though we’ve pointed it out probably a million times by now, and everyone can grasp it but her, all the other shoots she did that were shot by Jim Powers and/or Porno Dan (either through Multimedia, Powersville, Immoral Productions, and I’m sure others) had nothing whatsoever to do with JM Productions.

Jim Powers shoots for many, many studios. For some reason Tanner cannot wrap her mind around this fact, and keeps spreading these falsehoods. Tanner was also paid for all of her shoots that she did for JM Productions.

Any other dealings that happened between her and Jim Powers, Porno Dan, etc. had nothing to do with us.

Tanner Tuesdays was an Immoral Productions shoot, not a JM shoot. I think we are just generally finding it frustrating that this girl can’t grasp this fact. Her accusations with regards to JM Productions are simply false, misinformed, and misleading.

Thanks for your time,

Tony Malice
JM Productions


NL- On other sites it also says that Jim Powers wants to sue Tanner for Libel

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