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Tanner Mayes Arrested For Drugs

NL-Well I’m hearing that Tanner has been arrested for possession of Meth. I saw the arrest record and it says drugs, but not what specific kind.  If anyone ever needed an intervention…. TANNER- PLEASE GET HELP!

Tanner has tweeted a few new pictures and some other interesting info. She wants to be a rap star and often tweets in rhyme. Her rap name is Courtney Glo

Her is the new bio she gave herself- All I want out of life is to be a Famous Dark Skinned Gangster Female Rapper. I’m not even trying to take anyone’s place. I’m more hood than the KKK. Get it?

“Miss Courtney Glo <~~~~~ Just Got out the cunty jail males. Aint nobody post my bail. did the time felt Like a snails. But i dont even believe in bail To bounce im bout the time them crim mins count. :- “

Tanner also tweets scary things about someone she calls her lawyer. This lawyer had emailed me to tell me Tanner was not using drugs, but was actually recovering from several car accidents. A reliable source tells me that the “lawyer” is Tanner’s drug doing partner.

Tanner Tweets-I think my lawyer is going to murder me, and the fact that I BELIEVE him makes me not want to TWEET about it, in case he sees… Spooky. XOX

Tanner mentions the lawyer trying to break down a door, and later talks about now being in a hotel. So I can surmise she moved away from the lawyer into a hotel. I’ve talked to some of Tanner’s friend and they say they have tried to help her, but she thinks this whole thing is funny and she doesn’t believe she has a problem.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how we can get Tanner to open her eyes before it is too late?

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