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Porn Shocker: No Meltdown for Tanner Mayes in New Brady Bunch Sex Movie

NL- It says there is a box cover attached to this press release. Do you see a box cover? The last box cover Jeff Mullen sent me was Flight Attendants, and I said I hated it. Do you think he’s still mad about that?

Finally got this two days later…

(Hollywood, CA) In what appears to be a delicious case of art imitating life, bad-girl porn starlet Tanner Mayes stars in the soon-to-be-released Not the Bradys XXX Pussy Power! where she plays Jan’s sex-crazed, rule-breaking girlfriend.  The third volume of the Brady Bunch porn parody series will be in stores November 24th from X-Play/LFP Video and all indications are it will be another #1 selling DVD.  See the YouTube video trailer now by clicking this link
The Bradys are definitely blockbuster status but the jury is still deliberating on Tanner Mayes who has made a big name for herself with over one hundred of the hottest young-girl sex scenes but made the biggest noise with a notorious video clip that has been affectionately referred to as the ‘Tanner Mayes meltdown’.
“I can’t believe people still ask me about that video but we all have bad days,” said Mayes, a gorgeous brunette with sultry bedroom eyes.
It was that very meltdown video that came to the attention of adult movie director Will Ryder when he was writing the script for Not the Bradys XXX Pussy Power! as the story called for a bad-girl type character.  “The story insisted that Jan to have a wild girlfriend that was quite a bit wiser to the ways of the world than the super-innocent Jan,” Ryder recalled.
“The Monica bad-girl character had to be cute-as-hell and able to lead Jan down a dirty path of exchanging sex for special favors like good grades and hair perms and I immediately knew I had to have Tanner in for a cast-reading,” Ryder exclaimed.  “She was perfect.”
“I was super excited when he called me and I’m so glad I got the part,” Mayes reflected on what is her biggest role yet in her first year in the porn business.
Not the Bradys XXX Pussy Power! is packed with super-sexy young girls just like the original TV series and although Tanner Mayes might be the most shocking cast member, she is certainly not the only new addition to the ensemble style cast as Marcia is now played by Lexi Belle and Jan gets handled by Dylan Riley.  Nicole Ray and Ashlyn Rae join Eric John who plays the perverted school teacher and Seth Gamble guest-stars as Ridgedale’s all-state quarterback. The rest of the award-winning cast returns for the hilarious adventure including Alana Evans, Kacey Jordan, Lynn LeMay, Mike Horner, Kris Slater, James Deen, Mickey Butders and Ron Jeremy as Sam the Butcher.
“I think that Tanner Mayes is somewhat of a misunderstood girl to some,” Ryder said.  “Sure she’s had her ups and downs including what many thought was an insanely entertaining meltdown video but what I see now is a focused actress that loves being in sex movies and that’s really what we all want in a porn-princess isn’t it?  That meltdown video is yesterday’s lettuce it’s old news and I just love her.”
“I was really impressed at how professional it was on the set of Not the Bradys XXX and I really enjoyed shooting the movie because Will Ryder is an excellent director and he takes time with the actors to get it right,” Mayes offered.
“It was great having Tanner on our set for a few days,” added co-producer Scott David of X-Play.  “Look, we’re not selling Bibles here so we were willing to take a chance on her and I’m really glad we did.”
A leading contender for Best New Starlet award consideration this year, Tanner Mayes appreciates her new place in porn where things are a bit more clear and a little less dramatic.  “I’ve learned a lot being in this business for a year now and I just want to do good work and enjoy myself.”
Maybe the bad-girl tag is no longer appropriate for Tanner Mayes but those looking for one of the hottest young girls to ever spread-her-legs on-camera can book her through Adult Talent Managers.
Retailers looking to boost DVD sales are happy that a guaranteed blockbuster is coming soon to their store shelves.
Not the Bradys XXX Pussy Power! can be ordered wholesale now from David Diamond at LFP Video and will be in stores everywhere November 24th.  Ask for it by name and if your favorite store doesn’t have it in stock, sing the Brady Bunch theme song to the manager and ask them to order more.  Here’s the story…..
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