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Tanner Mayes Centerfold of the Month – June 2012

We want to thank you for visiting Centerfold of the Month! Yet again we added another screaming-hot babe to our roster of PORN.COM Centerfolds.

PORN Profile: Tanner Mayes
Twitter: @ImTannerMayes
Other Link: Facebook

Tanner Mayes is a sexy pornstar with dark, exotic features that complement her seductive personality. Born in 1989, she comes from the small town of Adrian, Michigan and is one of the few pornstars of true Costa Rican descent. She is five feet, six inches tall and weighs just over one hundred pounds.

Growing up, the topic of sex was considered taboo completely. She describes herself as goofy, but intelligent during that time of her life – with a strong need to excel at whatever she does to the point of often being called stubborn. More than anything else, Tanner sought to become internationally famous. That’s the main reason Tanner Mayes joined the adult industry at the age of 18 and has starred in more than 140 XXX movie titles for companies such as New Sensations, Voyeur Media, Lethal Hardcore and 3rd Degree Films since then.

Tanner experimented with several names before choosing her famous moniker. She has also performed under the names Tanner Mayberry, Evangeline and several alternate spellings like Tanner Mays. Tanner Mayes was introduced to porn through one of her best friends in real life, Missy Mae, while she was living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and working as a legal assistant at a law office. She was also attending college at the time.

She quickly found herself sitting in the waiting room of a porn agency, trying to see if porn was a good fit. Since she was already very sexually active with men, Tanner Mayes welcomed the idea of becoming a pornstar and decided to leave the law firm in pursuit of the celbrity status she always wanted to earn. She worked in porn for about six months in Florida with some smaller studios before moving out to California and getting into big budget XXX studio work.

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