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Tanner Mayes Latest- Assault, Stabbing, Jail…

NL-Tanner’s latest Twitter Tirade took place on August 22, it is below. They appear in reverse order, with the newest one first.

jk. i already asked him what’s next.

omg. is that gangster enough?

Are these msgs going out? I just stabbed Steve in the back. He’s been fucking me the fuck over playing headgames and shit.

I don’t think it’s allowed, huh?

@daboi_lo care to explain what’s going on here, bitchhhhhh!?!?!? ?

and he’s the love of my life or something like that. I’m going crazy.

And then over dinner Steve told me how he ate my mom’s pussy while we were staying here. I don’t know what to do next.

I know they blocked my accounts or something. Everyone knows about this.

And a burn on the opposite one.

I have a cut on my arm from him attacking me yesterday.

ALL of his money from the U.S. GOV.t and won’t give me any to tan, get my nails done, leave his house, etc. I’m being held hostage to death.

I need help. This guy is not safe. I don’t have food, water, etc. He keeps saying he’s my boyfriend, then he’s not, then we were, he’s makin


NL-Im guessing this is Steve… And Tanner’s teeth look like they have just been whitened or she just had veneers, because they didn’t look like this before.

–As of August 23, I have an arrest record, showing that Tanner did indeed assault her boyfriend.

Reported: 08/23/2012 by Crime Reporter: 6040
Crime Report #: 7353473
Source: Santa Monica PD

F PC273.5(A) Inflict Corporal Injury On Spouse/Cohabitant”

There is no bail amount listed and according to the latest records she is still in jail.

And just so you know, Tanner has not been ignored, several of her friends have contacted her, trying to get her help, rehab etc… She is not interested. Myself and many others in the industry have contacted her on twitter asking if we can help her. She has ignored us also. At least now if she is still in jail, she might be safer than she was…

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