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Tanner Mayes Responds to Accusations

Porn Star Tanner Mayes responds to ‘Anger’ accusations

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Where should I start? Should I even start? Will there be an end? Perhaps a lawsuit? This footage will not be released, trust me. I guess first with my “good friends” Immoral Productions, JM Productions, or whoever they are. Is Johnny Thrust a company or is he just there to sexually harass the girls? I thought that was Porno Dan’s job.

I’ve been selling myself short to them for months, literally, because I thought we were “friends” because we met through my ex-boyfriend, so I was always giving them deals and cutting myself short.

They have rumors on adultdvdtalk that they’re going to have movies of me that I’ve never heard of? When will those start?

I started fluffing for them around 5 weeks ago, I’m sure you all know. The only time I went there sober and they asked me to get the guy hard who was already hard! They just wanted the footage! But I book them through myself, so I have no agent to call and stick up to bat for me….. It ticked me off that they just wanted “Extra” footage to make more money, when my profit was the same. People think that I’m stupid and I’m not. I’m laughing at you when you think that you just got over on me.

I AM a pushover. It takes alot of guts for me to say NO, but when you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough. It just so happens that my scene with JM was the day after New Sensations. I not only do what my producer asked me to, I started going above and beyond what a $300 job entails.

It’s different to go up to a guys cock and start getting him off, but when you’re being TOLD to, that’s another story. So is TELLING someone to go down on you… “come on… do it…” I’m not the only one he said or tried “molesting” for lack of a better term. I’m tired of being taken advantage of by this company. They had me sign for them at Erotica LA and not only didn’t pay me, they kept the money I sold from my DVDs. So if you bought them, thanks anyways.

So I’m one of the “main” Squirt girls for their bukkake (Bukkake’s take place in a wearhouse, normally if u didnt know.)….Upon arrival I warn the girls that the only pair of shorts that fit me best are any that are Abercrombie, and that I’ve been wearing them in 99degree weather, because I don’t drive and there’s a gas station up the road that I always have to talk to for cigarettes and blunts. Plus if you really know me, you know I don’t wear underwear. In between my legs, they started chaffing. I said this so there was no footage disputes or worries or people thinking I had something or whatever?

So the begininning of the line went great, while I was trying to squirt on the girl, sadly I spit on my fingers and rubbed it on the girls pussy and it made her feel uncomfortable because my legs were chaffed. I was like “Well I already mentioned it…Why would you say something now? While the cameras rolling? I told her if she’s getting rawdogged, plus I have my test, its just my hand on her tits and pussy…. It just didn’t make sense. So I was like okay well I don’t want t his footage released, because Ive done scenes before where they don’t even take out like, for instance, a tampon string when im bending over. I told them that my scene was done.

Jim Powers convinced me to get covered once more, and again, since I’m such a nice person and a pushover and welcome mat, I agreed. There’s already been douches “rinsed out” with water on the floor that obviously made it muddy, and they wanted me to sit all the way on my ass with it to catch their angle. Normally, it wouldn’t be an issue at all…Hell, look at “Cumshot Surprise” It was grossly filthy in that scene from all the dirt mixing with cum and stuff, I didn’t yell at anyone about it though! I didn’t start screaming at directors! Because I still felt respected. Then I was asked to have my bare ass sitting on a dirty wearhouse floor. I’m a pornstar, not a dog. I could have dealt with it maybe if it wasn’t taking so long but if I get a bacteria infection or something, can I work? If your next question is “haven’t you had worse things than that in your mouth? Yes but I was compensated….Not onlonly that, I kept asking what time it was since my phone fell in the toilet and its like nobody knew what time it was. Then I see one guy put his hand behind his arm to purposely not give me the time! How RUDE!

We’re running through the line of girls squirting on my face…I suggested that maybe she lays down to hold the douche in her to hold a little better. I was rudely told that this was going to work. So another girl comes up to douche, and really douches on my shoulder…. and the half side of my face. It was hot! I had a nice time until Jim said let’s fill her up again… Again?

I said I really dont think I want to do this, Jim. I had 3 girls left to go and I could have walked away with a dirt-cheap bukkake. The thing is, It’s not going to be released with any of my footage. None. I wasn’t compensated.

I didn’t punch their silly camera-man. He kept following me like I was Britney Spears, so I tried to slap the door shut on the camera. I kept yelling for him to turn it off, but he disrespected me again and kept the camera rolling. The camera should have been turned off ANYWAY because I had already canceled my scene. There was no more. I put up with so much gross disgusting things from this company, of course I was mad! And the computer getting knocked off the monitor, I was raged because I have no agent to call to make sure that footage isn’t released, nor did they give me any photos. Of COURSE I was pissed. Out of hand? Maybe not if we add up these last few months.
At the convention in Florida? I was wasted out of my mind, I swung on someone, missed, and hit Jew Heffner. I apologized a million times. It was sorta funny, not because I hit Jew Heffner, but that I was going to hit anyone at all.

My court case in Florida? I met my agent Shy Love with ATM, met her at a feature dance in Miami, took a cab home, and forgot to pay the cab. Not purposely! The police ripped me out of bed with no clothes on and the case will be dismissed. If you care to know I go to court on the 23rd of July ? wish me luck!

New Sensations
So I was casted for a parody role as “Mandy Moorehead” (a play off of Mandy Moore, obviously). I was so excited that it was a feature role, I bought a Mandy Moore wardrobe. (money that I guess i should have spent on drugs considering the rumors going around that I use them so frequently… Between u and me I use weed and I’m not even sure I should be saying that)

Anyway, there was no script. No lines. No story behind it except that I was Rocco’s ex girlfriend. Was I supposed to play a nice sweet mandy moore in bed or was I supposed to be a wild kinky mandy moore that no one knows about??? The answer was “be yourself”

Considering I actually have fans, I was being myself while at the same time role-playing Mandy Moore…. “ooohh baby, lets try something kinky this time..” …”do you want to try to pull my hair??”

Male talent was just pumping and pulling and pumping and pulling. You need 2 to tango. I tried to make the scene. I was slapping my ass and everything. They stopped every 4 minutes because they couldn’t get their lighting set up, telling me to hold the exact same crazy ass position, and then got mad at me when I moved just an inch! I was irritated, Rocco was irritated, I’m sure the cameraguys were irritated. I didnt know what they wanted from me. I was obviously not it. I told them that….. I said well I dont know what to do, you ask for more more more more more and Im giving you all I got.

I stopped halfway through hardcore and called my agent. She told me that they called her 2 hours ago and said that I was on drugs!!!!! As soon as I heard that I went inside and freaked out.

“you guys think im on DRUGS?” i’ve been on set all morning, youve kept me here, we’ve done softcore, pretty girls, half of our hardcore scene, and you think im on drugs? really? Funnny part is, I had my agent on the phone the whole time I’m flipping on new sensations… She heard Rocco ( male talent ) say that I didn’t seem like i was “messed up”. They said at first I was up, then down, then up, what fucking drug does that to you? Sex?

Do they keep girls on set if they think theyre messed up just to finish the scene? Just to get their money? I hope someone ELSE would cancel my scene if they thought I looked retarded. Good thing I’m the one who cancelled.

My agent said that New Sensations has never had to stop a scene at the very end…. Well maybe because they’re “New Sensations”. I, however, don’t care what company you are. I don’t appreciate being disrespected by anyone. Neither should anyone else.

Drug problems?
Ive been in the industry for 1 year. Give me a break. Ive been smoking weed since I was 12….. Do you think that I put those hand in hand? When I come home, I’m me…. Not Tanner. Tanner smokes weed, I smoke weed. I’m a former college student, it’s inevitable that I’m drink. I like to drink. It makes me horny. As far as meth? No.
Crack? I just joke about it all the friggin time because crackheads are funny. Coke? Ive done my share but its not for me. I’m not a drug addict. I’m a stoner.
Any other questions? I have nothing to hide.

Bad childhood? My grandma owns a 300,000 condo. I was pretty well-off. As far as being spoiled? I spoil myself. You ride cock for 20 minutes and tell me you don’t deserve new pretty stuff. As far as spoiled attitude? Why didn’t this come out before?

Hitting Hooters
And about me “punching” the girls tit on fuck-a-fan? really? i put my hand under it and jiggled it… and she got all upset like i wasn’t supposed to touch her. i guess you need permission first. funny. not much permission is needed in porn. But since you have the footage please show everyone Tanner Mayes punching titties. I, personally, would love to see it.

I hope I get help too- Maybe information on how to guide my career. Maybe you’ll skip sending me the emails on all the parties. I think I drink when you invite me to the parties. I dont think that I sit at home alone with my two dogs drinking myself to sleep. I am not depressed. I stumbled into this porno thing and I’m trying to figure it out. I’d say I’m getting better but according to New Sensations, I was a dud. Whats messed up is they wont even release the footage. Why, because maybe it wasn’t that bad? She wouldn’t even show it to my agent…. Are they hiding something? I left their set. They’ve never had it happen according to my agency. Maybe Renee should have been there.

If I forget something of importance I will be quick to be back.

Tanner Mayes

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