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Tanner Mayes Twitter on JM & Jim & Tony

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On Twitter, you are only reading Tanner’s side of the conversation…

  .    @tonymalice, still talking in circles. Hope you can sleep tonight now that that’s off your chest. Bahah. Next insult?9:20 PM Sep 8th from web 


 .    And I am tanner mayes, for those of you who don’t know, aghem. Haha ;)4:28 PM Sep 8th from web 


.    Thanks for the warm wishes home everyone ? had an awesome time as p.a. the girls felt like my barbies4:24 PM Sep 8th from web 


.    @tonymalice, did you ask jim to suck you off to return my boots??? Hahaha i4:22 PM Sep 8th from web 


 .    u may want to reconsider pointing fingers at just jIm lane cuz if u wanna get technical ur nasty too. Remember jim gettin my boots frm u???4:20 PM Sep 8th from web 


 .    @tonymalice, ahh you’re on twitter, my dear, don’t you remember telling me I had to suck ur dick to get my boots back? Glad ur reppin JM4:18 PM Sep 8th from web 


.    @POPPORNBLOG awesome ? could you dm me please? Am I playing a psycho pornstar who lost her marbles haha2:16 PM Sep 8th from web in reply to POPPORNBLOG


.    Ill spill my guts. Every last detail. Try me. I’m not a liar. I have a calendar that says the shit for me. Libel?? I’m callin ur bluff.1:10 PM Sep 8th from web 


.    I’m not the type of person to take a blow to the stomache over and over. I’ve tried to leave out what I could and u keep persisting.1:05 PM Sep 8th from web 


.    Cuz ill be damned if I let a bunch of old perverts make nme look like a liar.12:57 PM Sep 8th from web 


.    I wont surrender. I have nothing 2 hide. Im in porn, so why lie about that? Its like chess, u see? So bring it, make ur move. Sue or shut up12:56 PM Sep 8th from web 


.    And there’s still drama yet mr lane just texted me to do an anal scene for him when he knows I don’t do anal. Leave me alone!11:53 AM Sep 8th from web 


.    If my words are libel bring it on, sick bastards. I’m sure hotels keep records. And eyewitnesses remember tanner tokens.11:51 AM Sep 8th from web 


.    Jm productions if it is tony malice is just as much a scumbag as the rest of them. Bartering to get my bebe boots back? Sound familiar?11:50 AM Sep 8th from web

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