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Tanner Mays Posts About Drugs


NL- I’m a little worried about Tanner Mays. I did an interview with her last year where she told me she had come back to the industry clean and sober and had found religion. Yesterday she tweeted hundreds of times, often stuff sounding crazy and drug induced, talking about wanting to be a rap star. Here is just a little bit of it. Tanner, you okay?


I almost started crying because I don’t have any drugs. Now, I have no reason for my erratic and inexplicable behavior.

Know I’m straight. ? Do yo thangz. Pro-Christian XXX.

Crystal was my best friend. “She” showed me a pussy and made me a dick.

Now my brain can flow. Finally. This, is pure bitch.

I owe my fucking heart an apology. He told me not to smoke meth anymore and I got mad at him and gave him the cold shoulder

I smoke so much trees, my friends are limbs.

And roaches. hahah.

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