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Tanner’s Back In Town!

I did an interview with the adorable Tanner Mayes today and we had A LOT to talk about. She disappeared for a while to take care of some business and to straighten out her love life. I am very happy to say that she starts back at college next month.

She hasn’t left the industry, she will soon be harder to book tho when she just comes to town during school breaks, so if you want to shoot her, NOW is the time. She will be in LA FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE, after that who knows!

She looks terrific, is happy and in a good frame of mind. I think she just needs the adoration of some hot porn stars to get her in the mood to do some kiler scenes. She loves to act and is great at fucking. She is also practicing to do ANAL!

If you want to book her, please drop me an email and I will forward it to her- [email protected]  Only reputable people that i know, or that a friend can vouch for please. If i don’t know you give me the name of someone who does. I’m not Tanner’s agent or rep, more like a big sister with a baseball bat  ? Oh and speaking of baseball bats… just kidding. To the guy who owes Tanner money, you know who you are, do the right thing and pay her please. I won’t mention any names…. yet


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