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Tanya Tate Exclusive Interview

Interview by Cindi Loftus Courtesy of   Photos Courtesy of Tanya Tate

It’s time for the holidays, and I’m giving you all a present! Here is an interview with the tantalizing Tanya Tate. She is gorgeous, sweet and has a super sexy English accent. Miss Tate joined the industry and took it by storm very quickly. She is already an international star and award winner. She has been nominated for Xbiz Awards and just out that she is also nommed for AVN Awards. We’ll hope to hear her name announced as the winner in January. Tanya graciously took time out of her vacation with her family to talk to me. Enjoy our chat!

Adult Fun: So how is England and what are you doing there ?
Tanya Tate: Hello Cindi! I flew back for a few reasons. To see my family for Christmas. Since I’ll be back in Los Angeles during the actual holiday, I wanted to take some time to see them now. I also came over to do some promotional work with Television X. I just wrapped up a weekend of signing with them at the Erotica UK show. I was promoting my upcoming Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Scotland. That debuts on TVX in December. It’s the follow up to the award winning Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland. So that is really exciting.
AF: I know you are the most famous adult star in Ireland. And that you get recognized there all the time. So you are doing some work while in England also.
TT: Yes. I have also been doing some promo for upcoming SHAFTA awards due to take place in March 2012. They had me doing a photo shoot to promote the awards. It’s the biggest adult award show we have here in England. I’m happy to say I have four SHAFTAs, including back to back MILF of the Year awards.
AF: Isn’t it freezing in England right now?
TT: It’s cold. For one of the shoots I was outdoors running around in a bikini. England is much colder than LA. I am freezing here! But as long as it looks good, I suppose. (laughs)

AF: Anything for porn, right? (Laughs)  Do you celebrate an early Xmas with your family?
TT: Yes, I will be spending some time with my family whilst I am in UK. We will do an early Christmas, some shopping & Christmas meal.
AF: What is an English holiday celebration like?
TT: It is amazing! I love being in UK over Christmas as everything feels so in the spirit of the holiday. All the shops are decorated, there is a brisk feel in the air, a lot of Christmas parties. I love it when it snows on Christmas day.

AF: What do you want for presents for Xmas?
TT: Oh my…that is always a tough question. I feel I have a lot. So I don’t really think too much about what else I “want.” But there are things I look at and think “that would be nice to have.” That’s kind of what I do with my Amazon wish list…I have one (, but it’s more for fans who would like to treat me to something. I’m very appreciative of everything I have and everything I receive. I make sure to send a personal thank you and signed photo back to the person who sent me something. I guess the best and most honest answer to what I want for Christmas is just continued happiness. I’ll go shopping with my mum, my Dad will give me money, that’s what they do. But just seeing them is a great gift.
AF: Why and how did you get into adult movies at the age of 30?
TT: I worked in an office and I was really bored. My life was really mundane and routine. My sex life was pretty boring and I wanted to spice things up. I was hanging out with a guy friend and he put on an adult movie and it interested me. It was sexy, it was erotic, I really enjoyed watching it and thought that might be something to add to my life to engage my sexuality. It was really a bold move, I just jumped in.
AF: How did you get started?
TT: I had some pictures taken. I researched UK market. I sent my pics to the right people. They liked me, invited me to London, shot me and here I am 3 years later living in LA. A lot of it was just me wanting to do something different. I didn’t really explore my sex life too much before, and adult entertainment gave me that opportunity. It’s been amazing. On any given day I could be having sex with one of the most beautiful women in the world or directing them. I’m truly astonished at how far I’ve come along.

AF: What is the difference between how porn stars are treated in the US & the UK?
TT: Being back in the UK shooting I can see the difference. In general the sets are smaller, the budgets smaller and the amount of professional studios much less.
AF: Where do you get recognized most? Tell me a story about meeting fans.
TT: I do have a lot of people coming up to me, particularly at the comic book conventions, like comic-con. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the fans are awesome. They are happy to see me. They are excited to get a picture with me. It has a lot to do with Twitter and Facebook. People feel they know you. And my fans from adult or from the cosplay (costume play)  stuff are just generally happy to see me. Occasionally you get someone who doesn’t realize it, but is acting rude, like by interrupting a conversation I might be having with another fan or they may be over zealous in wanting a picture with me. But overall everyone I meet is pretty cool.
AF: Filly Film’s movie MILF Masseuse, just came out and YOU directed it! Tell me how you got involved with Filly Films as directing, then tell me about all aspects of setting up and shooting the move. Do you do a sex scene in it?
TT: Yes! It just came out, hopefully you get a chance to get to see it. I’m really excited about it. Filly Films contacted me to direct a girl/girl movie for them. They had seen my movies and were impressed with my professionalism and work. And I like girls. I love beautiful woman and enjoy working with them. It’s all real with me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a day making out with Jelena Jensen or Dani Daniels?
AF: You must have been so excited to get to direct!
TT: I was. Filly Films presented me the opportunity. I got to choose my cast, a couple are cute new girls. Literally, it was their very first scenes. We came up with the theme of the masseuse because that lent itself to easy set-ups. The girls got to visit my massage salon and every scene ended in me giving them a happy ending.

AF: It’s sounds like a lot of fun.
TT: It was a brilliant experience and I was slightly surprised but the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. I put a lot of energy and heat in to the movie and I expected people to enjoy it, but Bpop from wrote “Lesbian erotica at its best.” and “Could be 2011’s g/g film of the year.” Wow.
AF: Wow is right. Congratulations on that. I am sure you will have a lot more directing to come. What movies to you have coming out, both as an actress & a director?
TT: I have my own movie Tanya Tate Casting Couch coming out in December. It is exclusive footage of my London casting couch, including Greg Jacob, the professional athlete, who first met me on my Tanya Tate Sex Tour Of Ireland.
AF: Greg Jacobs? I’ve heard that name.
TT: Now, if you have not heard this story, have a seat. We did Tanya Tate Sex Tour Of Ireland a couple of years ago. It was a pro/amateur shoot where I would seek out hot guys who wanted to see if they had what it took to be a pornstar. One guy was Greg Jacob, who happened to be a Irish professional athlete. When the news broke in mid-2010 overnight I was on the front page of all these Irish newspapers, it was a major scandal. It was so crazy I heard that there were people dressed as Greg and Tanya for Halloween. That’s how mad it got.
AF: So you got it on with an Irish Celebrity?
TT: Yes, in addition to shooting for Sex Tour, he also shot some scenes for Now those are getting released and once again, I have the Irish press calling. I was just in the Sunday World and now I’m going to be in Sunday Mirror. Bloody Hell.
AF: (laughs) and you mean that in a good way. Are you going to direct more for Filly?

TT: Yes, I will be once again directing for Filly Films. We have not talked about the theme or anything just yet. So comments and suggestions from fans are welcome. They can tweet me at @TanyaTate.
AF: I am a huge fan of super heroes, and of course porn stars, you have combined these and become a porn super hero! Tell me about it!
TT: You like superheroes? That’s awesome! I have been a fan since I was little. I have vivid memories of watching Superman II and the Hulk TV show. In 2009, I was in San Diego for a shoot and it happened to be during comic-con. I thought that was amazing. I had never seen something like that. It just took over the city. There were people dressed liked superheroes everywhere. And I thought, I need to be part of that.
So in 2010, I bought my little Emma Frost costume and to SDCC I went. I was pretty apprehensive at first, but like how I got in to porn, I just took the plunge. Everyone was so cool to me, it was an experience. The next few weeks, I would see my image pop up more and more on different Comic Book websites. And they were very encouraging. So I started to do it more. Then it came to a point where I wanted to collect everything in one spot and launched That turned in to a surprise hit, so the scope of that opened up. Now it has Blu-ray reviews, Comic Book reviews, news, all things “geek.” I was named’s April Cosplay Girl of the Month,’ June Geek Babe of the Month,’s August Cosplay Babe of the Month and now I’m featured in the Fan Girl of the Month 2012 calendar from I’ve been a busy girl.

AF: Yep, a porn Superhero! You mentioned your Tanya Tate’s first pro-am series for Television X, Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland, but we skipped over it. Tell fans what that was.
TT: I went around Ireland on a motorbike with a film crew and a camper van to meet my fans. They came in and made my camper van rock, so to speak. Some lasted much longer than others, of course. That’s the one Greg Jacob was in. He gave a good seeing to. But yes, guys wanted to have a go, so I gave them a chance and we filmed it.  It really was reality porn. It won some awards in the UK and became one of the top series in TVX’s fifteen years.
AF: You also mentioned all your websites. Can you tell me about each one?
TT: – It’s my hardcore website. This is where one should go if they want to see how hardcore I can get. It features me and other adult stars doing dirty things. It is updated weekly. I had been shooting content almost since I got in the industry so I have loads of fresh updates. I have Tanya Tate’s Casting Couch which is another pro-am series and was the inspiration for Sex Tour. So if you want to see regular guys have a go with a pornstar. That one if for you. The site also features webcam shows and more. I listen to what the fans want and try to give it to them, so any input is encouraged. – The is the link to my free blog. Anyone can read it and be kept up-to-date on what I’m doing. – for all Tanya Tate autographed goodies & virtual time to chat to Tanya. This where you go if you want some signed merchandise, – My superhero cosplay website that now covers all the geeky stuff I like. I also have my twitter @TanyaTate

AF: I don’t know how you keep all that up. You have won so many awards! And are up for 2 from Xbiz, AVN hasn’t announced their noms yet. What would you most like to win?
TT: I am very happy to be nominated for Xbiz’s Best Website, my site was only launched this year. I know it’s a tough climb because it is so new but I do put a lot in to the site. I do all the uploads myself, it really is a labour of love. I would love to win Best MILF. That would be cool. I appreciate that I’m up against legendary stars like Lisa Ann and Julia Ann. And on one hand it’s awesome because I’ve only been in the American adult industry, for two years. I feel honored. On the other hand, I do feel I have given solid work. I bring a lot of energy to my every scene and try to make every scene I do, the best one.
AF: If a fan didn’t know you, what movie should they watch to get to know you & why?
TT: Tanya Tate’s The MILF Masseuse shows me seducing girls. I get to play with girls and talk to them the way I like best. This movie I was given a total free reign. If the fan prefers boy/girl they should watch my movie from Naughty America simply called Tanya Tate. It has 5 of my hottest Naughty America scenes, and I love to do lots of my dirty talking in it.
AF: I love your dirty talking, and your accent. Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
TT: Yes, but that is too personal to tell. Maybe one day I will do it for my website.
AF: Well make sure you tell me first!
TT: (Laughs)

AF: What are the best things about being a porn actress?
TT: I love being made up to look glamorous, dress in sexy clothes and get to have hot sex. What more can you ask for?
AF: If you could have sex with the following, who would you pick?  A rock star? An athlete? A movie star?
TT: Athlete. They have the best stamina, from experience.
AF: What have you  NOT done so as far as sex scenes go? (anal, gang bang, orgy, DP, etc) and do you have plans of doing these things?
TT: I have done a gang bang for my website, it was a Tanya Tate Casting Couch with Greg Jacob. As for anal, DP, interracial, I have not decided if and when I will shoot these yet. I may keep them exclusive for my website, I am really undecided.
AF: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
TT: I love being around camera, glamour and superheroes. I can see myself still being around having built the Tanya Tate brand, but on the other side of the camera. The adult industry has done a lot for me. And oddly enough, so has doing the cosplay stuff. So I have a lot of different roads I could take. One thing I do know is that I’ll keep moving forward.

AF: It was wonderful talking to you Tanya. One final question, do you have a message for your fans?
TT:  Yes, I want them to know I have been plotting my 2012 and there are going to be loads of surprises. It’s going to be an exciting year for me and hope they will all join me on the adventure.    
AF: I hope you have a great holiday!
TT: Thank you. To you as well. Happy Holidays to you and to all of your readers!

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