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Tara Akinlose-FPSP- Her Court Case Outcome

So Tara files a court case against people, than doesn’t show up for the hearing. So after all her threats, her name calling, her calling law enforcement agencies to “report” people, her twitter wars, her FBI reports etc… She doesn’t show up to the small claims court case SHE FILED. Please remember this when dealing with this lowlife person, or better yet, don’t deal with her at all.

Remember last year when Tara threatened porn stars Cinnamon Love & Kitten? Sent porn to Kitten’s mainstream job? Put pictures of Cinnamon’s kids on a porn site with their real names?

Remember how Tara posted on Defended Donny Long?

And now don’t forget how she is reporting and suing everyone around and doesn’t show up to her own case. it was dismissed.

After she doesn’t show up she posts this on her twitter

camgirlcenter web guru (this is what she calls herself)    “a group of ‘adults’ behaving stupidly just got punked.. wait till they see the charges they will face for extortion.. lol, lol, lol..”

So Tara is using the court system to “punk” people. I don’t think the justice department will be very happy about that.

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