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Tara at FreePornStarPix Sues For Harrassment

Michael Whiteacre, Monica Foster & Mercedes Ashley are being sued in small claims court by Tara from FreePornStarPix. She has called them, me and others many names including stalker. If you would like to add your opinion to this, or be involved in the case please address it in comments. My thought is that Tara certainly harmed a lot of people with her work on PWL, libelous stories on her website, and many past transgressions like this one ?   Remember when Tara posted pictures of Sinnamon Love’s kids? And alledgedly sent Porn to Kitten’s mainstream jobs? Yeah, me thinks if there is a victim in all this, Tara is FAR from it. THIS will be a fun court case….


You can see more at Sean’s site 

There are quite a few interesting comments on the site as well.

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