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Tara From FreePornStarPix Has Some Things to say…

Mike South (on his site outted Tara as being a poster on PWL. Her posts look like she is having fun at the expense of the people she is talking about. Tara says that someone impersonated her on PWL and that Mike South is lying.

Well my experience with Tara has shown that she will do whatever she can to hurt people she is fighting with. In Tara’s battle with Sinnamon Love, “Someone” posted pictures and names of Sin’s children on Tara’s site. In Tara’s battle with retired adult film star Kitten, who’s now a personal trainer, “someone” from Tara’s PO box sent Kitten’s mainstream boss naked pics and porn boxcovers of her. I guess “someone” is also the person who posted on PWL.

Mike South & Monica Foster are the  newest enemies on Tara’s hit list. (I’m already on there, no worries) Here are some of Tara’s recent tweets-

@PWLTroLL i just sent the cops to mike’s house. he is not going fishing tomorrow

You can call Mike South at 678.********* and his voicemail makes him sound like a massive Corbin Fisher TWINK.

@MikeSouth1226 You will pay for allowing @monicafoster to harass me. This will be fun.

@MikeSouth1226 you shoot in Georgia where it is illegal to shoot porn.

@MikeSouth1226 Look, you let trashy Monica Foster put my name in this because her ugly ass is jealous. All the local police now know what

@MonicaFoster The FBI, the sheriff’s, Doraville city hall, and police department all know about mr South. Fuck off and have a nice day!!

 Here’s Tara’s Twitter if you would like to drop her a tweet

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