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Tara Lynn Foxx-I Wanted to be that Hardcore Girl…and Do Everything.

Tara Lynn Foxx is a nineteen-year old hottie that has been in the business just about a year. She has already had more wild sex than most people will have in their entire lives! I asked her to design a sex scene out of her imagination and she said Belladonna & Sasha Grey, James Deen & Mr Pete and her would all be somewhere beautiful and tropical. They would start out with vanilla sex and a romantic swingers thing, and it would turn into something deep and dark and dirty, like in a dungeon. Our conversation goes from vanilla to dirty too, read on…

Interview By Cindi Loftus  
Photos Courtesy of Tara Lynn Foxx
    ©2010 Xcitement Magazine

Adult Fun 411: I am calling you while you are on vacation?

Tara Lynn Foxx: Yeah a little mini one.

AF: So you went fishing.

T: Yeah, It was awesome. I took a picture of me holding the biggest fish, so hopefully I’ll get to post that soon so you can see it.

AF: I can’t imagine you fishing. It doesn’t seem like a porn star-ish thing to do.

T: (Laughs) I’m kind of strange I guess. It was so much fun. I went for a couple hours today. It was perfect.

AF: Did you get to drive the boat?

T: No.

AF: You probably could have taken your top off and they would have let you do anything.

T: (Laughs)

AF: So what did you catch?

T: I caught quite a bit of trout. That’s what seems to be out there right now. I caught some mackerel and a snapper, but we threw a bunch of them back in. I let the fishing guy keep the rest because I am leaving tomorrow.

AF: Let’s start from the beginning. Where were you born and raised?

T: I was born in California and I was raised in the Bay Area. I moved around quite a bit. I went to high school in Oregon. I haven’t admitted that before. But I am finally comfortable with it.

AF: How come you didn’t tell that before?

T: Because I went to high school there and I really didn’t want anyone knowing because I kinda just wanted to come into porn for a year or two, pay for college and leave and not really be noticed. But now that I’m in it and I like it and everyone found out, I’m like, ah whatever, I’m going to make the most of it and try to do as much as can.

AF: I don’t think you could have gotten out unnoticed. You are too hot to go unnoticed.

T: Thank you.

AF: So you love porn.

T: I do.

AF: So how did you get into it?

T: When I was seventeen, I graduated from high school and got into a university in a very awesome place and I was like, ya know I really don’t want to go to college. When I turned eighteen I started web-camming. I did that for a few months. I had a really nice fan base and the guys said they wanted to see me do more. They kept telling me that I looked like a young Jesse Jane. I took it as a compliment. I thought, I can make a lot more money and it would be a lot more fun, because I only did girl/girl and solo on webcam, so I went online one night and I was smoking a bunch of pot and I thought it was going to be so cool. And I picked a name with my friend while we were stoned. I found my agent, Foxxx Modeling, and I’ve been with them ever since.

AF: So you got in with Foxxx and what was your first scene?

T: My first scene, I actually own it and I’m going to put it up on my site. It was an anal scene with Mike Adriano and I thought he had the biggest cock in the world, until I did the circuit and I came back to him a few months later and said ah, really it’s not all that big.

AF: Well I bet it looked big when you were about to stick it in your ass.

T: Yeah exactly.

AF: How did you end up doing an anal scene for your first scene?

T: I wanted to be that hardcore girl that, kind of like Sasha Grey is having her image, that’s what I wanted to do. So I was like, ya know what, I don’t care, I’m just going to go full throttle and do everything.

AF: That’s really hardcore. I can’t imagine. Did you even know how to prepare for an anal scene?

T: Hell, no. My agent told me what Bree Olson did, and I said well that’s Bree Olson, that’s not me. I ended up doing it all wrong. I didn’t really do anal before that. I did it with toys on webcam. It was kind of difficult.

AF: So you kind of did your first ever anal on camera as your first scene.

T: Yeah, exactly.

AF: You are nuts.

T: I know.

AF: So how did it go?

T: It went amazing. It was so fulfilling. He was probably the best person to do my first scene with because after him I was doing all these scenes and thinking, what the hell, Mike didn’t treat me like this. What’s wrong with people.

AF: So he was really good.

T: He is really good. He’s a great performer and director. He’s a little nutty, but I love him.

AF: What company is he with?

T: He shoots for Reality Kings and Bang Bros. But he directs mostly now. He doesn’t really perform.

AF: So you got lucky to get him.

T: Yeah.

AF: Before you got into porn what kind of jobs did you have?

T: I worked at Arby’s for a week.

AF: So you really loved it. (Laughs)

T: Yeah, I loved it. I went through the whole back line of making sandwiches, I got put at the fryer and I said fuck this I’m not doing it, because I went home and I had a pimple the next day. It was really disgusting. I really appreciate the people that make fast food. My first job was at a restaurant I was a little bus girl and I was working my way up. I was a hostess by the time I quit. And if I would have stayed any longer I would have been a server.

AF: Well you really were moving up in the world.

T: Yeah.

AF: So now you are making ten times the money you would ever make doing any of those things, that’s for sure.

T: I know….
part 2 coming up….

You can read the whole interview and see the naked layout here-

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