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Tara Lynn Foxx- Interview- Part 2, On Sex, Glee, & Being a Sub

Interview By Cindi Loftus  
Photos Courtesy of Tara Lynn Foxx
    ©2010 Xcitement Magazine

AF: How long have you been in now?

T: A little over a year.

AF: You have made quite a name for yourself for that short amount of time.

T: Thank you. When people tell me that I really don’t think so but thanks.

AF: People know who you are. I know who you are just by looking at your picture. And I don’t follow people when they get in the business unless they are really noticeable, and you are. And I’ve known who you are for a long time. How many movies have you done now?

T: I’ve lost track but I am guessing I’ve hit the 150 mark already.

AF: Wow, that’s a lot.

T: Yeah, because four months ago I reached a hundred.

AF: How many times a week do you shoot?

T: It’s really funny because it comes in spurts.

AF: Spurts, yeah!

T: Sometimes I will shoot everyday of the week, but the average is three times a week for me.

AF: That’s really good Tara. Most people these days are lucky to get one shoot a week, so that shows how popular you are.

T: I think it’s because I do everything.

AF: I like that you do everything. There is a lot of controversy brewing lately over what interracial is, and why some girls don’t do it. But no one will be giving you crap about that. Because you do interracial, you do everything. What don’t you do? I bet you don’t do bukkakes.

T: I do those sometimes. I haven’t done them in a very long time. I did them in the beginning. All I don’t really don’t do is double anal, double vaginal or fisting, I don’t do any of that.

AF: That’s a very short list.

T: I think other than that I am pretty open-minded.

AF: That will give you longevity because it would be like, just call Tara, she does everything.

T: For a while that’s how it was, when everyone wasn’t working I still was because I was the go to girl if someone canceled or someone flaked or came up with a dirty test. They would be like, hmm who should we call and the first person that would come to mind would be me because they know they will get a good scene and they know that I do everything.

AF: If they know they can call you like that, you’ll be at the top of everyone’s list. So of all these movies you have done, if someone could only watch one scene, what one would it be?

T: Wow, that would be hard because I would have to ask them one questions, do you want vanilla? or BDSM? Because I do both.

AF: I think they are perverts like me and they say BDSM.

T: Okay so I would tell them to watch my newest Sex & Submission scene that just came out for It was with Isis Love & James Deen. And seriously it was my best scene thus far.

AF: Tell me about it.

T: Oh, it was so intense. Isis is such a great Dom and I trust her so I am willing to do more for her, then I would for any other person. She basically taught me obedience and the scenario was that my husband and I were at home and I didn’t want to be with him because I was tired and my show was on, so he called the “life trainer” who was Isis, and basically she taught me how to please my husband, obedience and anal training. It was amazing and they pushed me to my limits and they taught me how to be a better sub and it was seriously the best experience I’ve had in a very long time. Just because with Kink, they are very erotic, very dark and very intense, extreme scenes, and so it’s like this whole mental fuck for me. And when someone can make me cum by doing those kinds of things that just makes it even better.

AF: You are a very interesting girl. And we go from BDSM to Glee. Hustler is filming a parody of the TV show Glee, and I heard you were very happy to get a part in it because you are a singer.

T: Yes! Oh my gosh. The whole movie was so much fun. I got to go to the studio and sing. That is my first big feature movie

AF: What did you sing?

T: I sang a remake of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing and basically Drew from Hustler rewrote the whole song and it’s fucking hilarious. It’s going to do so well, I’m sure.

AF: I heard you were a singer.

T: I sang in high school a little big. I’ve never really taken any other training besides choir. I’ve been thinking about taking some vocal lessons because there is going to be more musicals coming out in the future and I really want to get them. So if my singing can get a little bit better then I’ll be in. I wouldn’t call myself a professional singer, but I can definitely sing if I have too.

AF: What did you play in the Glee parody?

T: I play one of the main girls in the real show and the funny thing is, this is my first feature and I love that show, I watch every single episode.

AF: So that was perfect then.

T: Yeah it was great. I was telling everyone on set how the real stuff is going. In the show I am a pregnant teenager and my boyfriend is captain of the football team and his best friend is on the football team. So really I fucked his best friend and got pregnant, but I told my boyfriend he got me pregnant in the hot tub. He pre-ejaculated and the sperm swam thru the hot water and got me pregnant.

AF: (Laughs) That could happen. What funny things happened on the set while you were filming it?

T: So much. I think the funniest part of the whole thing was that Drew was sitting next to Axel Braun and they were looking at the monitor while we were filming. But what Drew was sitting on would make this really loud screeching noise every time he moved, and James Bartholet would get so mad. At one point he was yelling please get this man some fucking WD40. Drew kept doing it on purpose. Finally someone found some WD40, but it didn’t help. So eventually James got up and walked out.

AF: That’s funny. So you are a horny little girl on Twitter. You wrote yesterday that you got fucked in the ass. You are telling us all your secrets.

T: (laughs) I did. 99.9% of what I say on twitter is true. Sometimes I say something that I really want to be doing but I can’t be doing it because I have to work the next day. I did get fucked in the ass yesterday though, and today too. I found a really good little boy toy to fuck around with. And I make him do things that I want done to me.

AF: That works out well. Do you date porn stars? Do you date fans?

T: I really don’t date.

AF: So you don’t date, you just fuck.

T: I just fuck. I don’t want a relationship right now. I’m nineteen. I was in a serious relationship late last year, and that ended and since then I really haven’t wanted to be on that level with anyone again.

AF: You’re smart. Why not just have fun and fuck around with everyone that’s hot.

T: But to your question, If I did want to date I wouldn’t care if they were a fan or in the business if we connected and it worked out.

AF: So now all the fans will be hitting on you more than they already do, if that’s possible. Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?

T: Kind of. It’s really just to, I don’t know I have done so much already…

AF: I think I can make it easier on you. What do you think about when you masturbate?

T: It’s good if I haven’t had sex in a long time, but honestly I tried to do it the other day and it just wasn’t enough so I had to call a fuck buddy and have them come over and fuck me.

AF: So you aren’t satisfied with your fingers any more. You need a cock.

T: I need a cock or an Hitachi.

AF: What kind of fetishes are you into? Obviously you like being a sub.

T: I do like being a sub. I also like domming guys. The movie, my first Fem/Dom scene that I was on the cover of for KickAss, it won the best Fem/Dom series. So that meant so much to me, and it made me more interested in that role.

AF: What is the wildest sex you have ever had?

T: On camera it was for which is a kink company. And off camera it was, I have this group of guys that I like to go see when I am really really horny, I’ll go over there. One of the first time I went over there, they have a hot tub in their condo, so we all fucked in there and it was so much fun. That was the best sex I have ever had.

AF: And what about Public Disgrace?

T: Randy Spears and Micky Mod DP’d me and there were a couple other people who were fucking around with me, and there were 20 or 30 people that were there to watch and spank me or whip me. So that was the first time I have had sex with people watching that weren’t in the crew. That was also the first time I was suspended upside down. It was very intense. I loved it.

AF: Name 10 things you can’t live without.

T: My cell phone, my eyeliner, my Hitachi, cock, vagina, my tempurpedic mattress, my mom, my sister, my nieces and the beach.

AF: That was easy! Do you have a message for your fans?

T: I love you all so much and I love that you jack off to me at home and keep watching because I have so much more to give you!

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