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Tara Tells her side, She didn’t send the stuff.

NL-This is Tara’s  side of the story. She wrote it, all the opinions & statements are hers alone.

Hi Cindi

I appreciate you listening to my side of the story.

Let me shed some light on the dispute between myself, Mark Davis, Kitten, and Sinnamon Love.  I didn’t do anything to Kitten, she has plenty of enemies with her awful personality. She didn’t retire because she was sick of porn, people just stopped hiring her.

Mark Davis owes me a good chunk of money, around $1200. I lent him $600 cash for his rent (he had been on a multi day bender and had blown the money on drugs and alcohol), bought him a new monitor for a brand new Mac Mini I lent him, and wrote up business plans for his official site I was going to build and manage, along with plans for me managing his ‘personal appearances’, i.e. privates with fans (that was his idea, not mine).  It was potentially a good source of cash because Mark is popular in the BDSM niche.  Mark mentioned that he wanted to get a new computer, but that his credit was shot, so I told him he could buy my brand new Mac Mini and start making payments on that (and the new monitor) when he started making his ‘personal appearances’.  He was trying to shift gears in his career, but didn’t have the capital for things like a new computer setup. This was on February 15th this year. Mark went out of town a few days later  and when he came back, we exchanged texts and he kept saying he was too busy to discuss the website, personal appearances, or webcam I wanted to set up for him. 

He never got back in touch with me about building the website. He did make one 200 payment to me, by leaving the money taped to his door, which I picked up.  He had agreed by text to repay $200 a month. Since then, he has not made any payments and has gotten very angry when I asked if he wanted to lower them to 100 or 50 a month. I expected him to honor the agreement, I had known him since 2005. It is frustrating that he will not talk to me about the payments other than texting,’I said I’d pay you’, or ‘I’ll pay you when I can’, when that was not the deal.  I repeatedly texted Mark that he needs to pay whatever tiny amount he can in order to honor the spirit of our deal. I got my Mac and the monitor back from him at the end of March, because he responded angrily to my texts when I asked him about paying for those, because he never replied to any of my queries about getting things going with his website, webcam, and personal appearances.  I do have texts from him where he agrees to pay monthly.  Mark has already texted me that he’d tell the judge I paid him for sex when we go to court and those do not sound like his words, those sound like Kitten’s.

For some reason, Kitten moved in with Mark in February and for some reason took offense to me associating with Mark even though they have been separated for 4 years. I got along with Mark very well until Kitten moved in with him this year and recently, she even got on Mark’s phone and threatened to have a gang of thugs ‘get involved’. I don’t know what is wrong with her or why she would involve herself in this ugly situation.  She cannot prove any of her allegations and I’m printing everything she is writing online to take to court to sue for punitive damages. Sinnamon is Kitten’s best friend and I’m in the midst of getting a legal representative to deal with her and Kitten, so that they understand that I will sue them as well.  I’m going to add the legal costs of dealing with them to my lawsuit against Mark.

Kitten has her petty reasons for not liking me. Maybe it is because I made out with Mark right before they got back together at the end of 2005. Mark once told me that she was mad that I took more pictures of other people than her at Sardos, but she wasn’t wearing makeup that night and had on a hat and didn’t look like any of her pictures. But, he said that she took personal offense at that as if I felt that she wasn’t an important porn star. Kitten is trying to get out of porn and is emotionally and financially unstable right now, she drinks alcohol constantly and it probably pissed her off that I was sweeping into what she considered her territory with brand new merchandise for the ex to help him build a web empire, while she was struggling. Plus, Mark had promised to take me on any public appearances he did in New York City.

I have tried to work things out with Mark, but he does not want to talk face to face to come up with a new agreement.  But this situation does not involve Kitten or Sinnamon Love. They have inserted themselves in this situation due to their own maliciousness. I’ve said some very ugly things to them on twitter, but only to echo the voicemail Kitten left for me from Mark’s phone.  The gloves are off for me with them. I won’t tolerate disrespect from Kitten in any way. Her getting on Mark’s phone was the last straw. Kitten should have shown better judgement. I am furious on numerous levels. Mainly at Mark

for not trying to work out smaller payments with me
for not even being willing to negotiate
for him not returning my new Mac right away after he decided he didn’t want to do the website, personal appearances, etc
for leaving me stuck with a new extra expensive monitor
for only making one payment
for all the potential lost income from his website, webcam, and personal appearances – the webcam shows alone would have been good money, and he only would have been sitting clothed, typing to fans!
for all the problems with Kitten and Sinnamon Love

Mark owes me an explanation for his behavior and he won’t give me one. He used my Mac and monitor for one month free. He’s never said thank you or anything. That is just not right.

Kitten is very emotionally invested in my dispute with Mark Davis and Mark has only dropped hints about Kitten’s dislike of me. He won’t tell me everything. But, I do feel that her involvement in the whole thing is ridiculous. She was never part of any of the website plans I had with Mark.  Kitten and Sinnamon both think that they are A list porn stars that have power, but the reality is that they are niche players at best.
take care

I just wanted to add onto what we’ve already discussed.

The whole situation with Mark Davis, the money, and the merchandise never ever involved Kitten or Sinnamon. It was not their business at all. I don’t know what is wrong with Mark, his answers to my texts are pretty angry and irritable and he won’t pick up his phone to talk. He’s within his rights to not talk to me or respond, but he still has to pay me back. I never said that the money and merchandise were personal gifts for Mark and I get the feeling that Kitten and Sinnamon think otherwise. Kitten seems to think that I ‘gave’ Mark gifts to woo him, when it was stuff needed for the website, webcamming, and his escorting. So, as you can see, this whole situation is a huge mess, with Mark not paying me, doing drink and drugs with roommate Kitten, and Kitten’s crazy friend, Sinnamon Love.

Kitten is leaving out her bad behavior in this story. Kitten is also mad at me because I told Mark that he needs to get a roommate who has reliable income. He texted me back that he was going to pass the message on to Kitten. She then sent me several texts from his phone.

‘U just opened a can of whoop ass’
‘so U think you’re TMZ.. girl…I will..? ‘U want’a be star fucker’
‘Its a shame u have to live a life through others..’
‘U payed for SEX..with no papers..or react.. that what was right… ‘

And then, later that day, she left a nasty voice mail angrily telling me that she was going to get some people involved who would do something to shut me up, because I was making her life hell. She and Mark have some rough and ready biker friends, plus other assorted sketchy characters (like the people Mark buys drugs from), so that was scary.

I don’t know who sent all that stuff. It is common knowledge where she works, she has talked about it all over twitter.

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