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Tara’s Site GONE!

Tara, of FreePornStarPix, is now redirecting her site to Hot Movies dot com, with her affiliate code in the link.

Wonder why she would take down her site? Could it be all that “TRUE” stuff she wrote about everyone wasn’t true?

Could it be she is now afraid of going to court against the people SHE is suing? (Monica Foster, Michael Whiteacre, & Mercedes Ashley) 

She has called people stalkers, harrassers and much worse. If those names were true, why did she take down the stories? (Not that it matters, we have screen capped everything pertainent, along with tons of emails from her)

I’m willing to bet that she doesn’t even show up for the court date next month. If that happens will the countersuits that are filed against her for tens of thousands of dollars become default judgments? (meaning she’ll have to pay what everyone is counter suing her for automatically)

That would be perfect justice…   ?

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