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Taryn Thomas back in the biz and looking buff (pics)

Taryn- you look Fabulous!

Taryn writes- I know it’s been a long time since I have been in front of a camera. Well I have finally decided to put my hiatus to sleep. I have not performed for companies  for about 2 years. I have finally lost all my weight as you can tell by my recent photos on myspace.

Well it was NOT easy to lose all the weight I had gained bc believe me I had put on the pounds. Now that it is all off I intend to keep it off and start working again. I am now being represented by Lisa Ann. I am very greatful to be represented by such a fantastic invidual and agency. I look forward to being represented by her agency for the rest of my career.

So I am back!!!

Love Ya ALL!!!

Taryn : )

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