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Taryn Thomas says Niko Bimini Screwed her Over

by Taryn Thomas of

We have been shooting a ton lately. Compiling a lot of content to get our web program off the ground. I am hoping it will be ready to launch over this summer but you never know. I know for a fact my site is going to be ready to rock and roll by Xbiz Summer Forum. I have really been putting a lot of hard work and effort into my site being absolutely perfectly fabulous.

Because my other site I got completely screwed over on. I paid $400.00 get my url back this guy Niko Bimini then a total of $3500.00 to have my site built through him. Then of course I never saw a dime of money from my site, and then he sold it with out my permission when it was suppose to be a 50/50 split deal. Well I guess you live and learn. Shitty it had to be that way.

So if you ever go to just remember it is the un official site of Taryn Thomas. And not my site nor do I have anything to do with it. Alright now that I am done venting. I will continue on lol For my new sites I have over 10,000 photos and about 100 or more videos. So this site is just really going to be filled with content and great all round. I am really excited about it and I hope you all will enjoy just as much as I will once it’s live.
Last week we shot in Arizona of course, and I tried out a new makeup artist. Who can I say is pretty effing good. He lives in Arizona so it’s perfect, and he does a really good job. Which is the most important part. I swear having a good makeup artist is the key to beauty.
That’s all for now. Here are some photos of my shoot last week. Hope you enjoy!

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