Tasha Reign Fights Proposition 60


Tasha Reign is one of the most beautiful and smartest porn stars around. We actually had Tasha on PORN.COM’s live cam show and she spoke about a wide range of topics from her brony fascination to her strong opinions about condoms in porn.

Speaking of condoms in porn…

Come November 8th 2016, the porn industry is potentially going to change forever. Because on that day, California citizens are going to vote for or against the notoriously unfair Proposition 60 – a bill that will require condoms be worn on all porn sets, no matter what. Under Proposition 60, all studios will also be required to obtain expensive permits and licenses for any and all shoots.


If you feel like Proposition 60 is a purposeful and intrusive way of the government butting into the lives of innocent, honest-working people, you are not alone. Legions of porn stars everywhere are promoting awareness about this nefarious and outdated bill with their twitter accounts and other social media platforms. But one woman, Tasha Reign is stepping up her game.

Reign will be touring around college campuses in California to speak out against Proposition 60. The stunning porn performer discussions the far-reaching seismic consequences this bill could have on the industry. Indie producers who can’t afford the expensive filming permits will be unable to produce content thereby limiting the variety of porn content. Aside from blatantly invading the privacy of adult workers, the bill would also force the industry to possibly flee California, siphoning potential millions of dollars of revenue from the already beleaguered state.

“This is criminalizing pornography. No female performer wants to be on-set and be told what she can put in her body. [Proposition 60] will allow random civilians to have personal access to my home address if they want to sue because of their puritanical agenda.”

-Tasha Reign

The Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) first got the ball rolling in 2011 when they started going door to door, asking citizens to sign a petition that would enforce widespread condom use. This watchdog agency has made no attempt to actually speak to porn stars and get their take on the situation, preferring to ignore them entirely as they carry on their self-righteous witch hunt. It should be noted the adult industry already has very stringent testing protocols put in place and to this day, zero performers have contracted AIDs while on set.

If you love your porn, now is the time to speak up. If you live in California, let your voice be heard and vote against this backwards-ass piece of legislation.

Now enjoy some Tasha Reign porn. And don’t take for granted that these scenes feature no condoms, because if the government has its way on November 8th, these scenes will be the last of their kind.





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