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Tasty and New: Oral Innovations!

Rejoice ladies! Scientists have invented a savory solution to your distaste for going down —the 20% of women who DON’T engage in oral, I’m looking at YOU.

No longer must our palettes suffer the singular dull, organic flavor of the male margarita, we can have THREE scrumptious variations: Chocolate, Strawberry, and [oooo delicious] Watermelon.

Approximately 80% of us are pretty generous as it is, but the company who produces these dissolvable strips has developed them in the hopes that it may entice more resistant women to help out a fellow ‘member’ of society.

Depending on the duration, a potential flaw is that it only blocks the taste for about 15 minutes and at a whopping $12 per pack, your regularly scheduled play time might actually have to be just that, since you only get 3.

Coming soon: Mango Flavor!


and now a gallery of’s finest enjoying cock-tails:

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