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Tatum Reed – Genius

Moxie posts on XPT:

I was checking out Tatum Reed’s website (I Love Popwhore) and quickly realized she has stumbled onto a revolutionary idea. For those who are unaware, Tatum Reed is an escort (right under the nose of our moral leader). She portrays the male performers on her website as “FAN FUCKS”. In other words, she films her “dates” and presents them as porn.

Here’s the genius. Instead of paying talent, they pay her. In this climate where everyone wants to be famous is it suprising that men would allow themselves to be filmed? Hey Jeff, do you think you could find someone who would pay you to fuck hot young whores? Would they be as good as the stunt cocks? No. But they would be a profit center instead of an expense. There will still be stunt cocks, this will just be a new (more profitable genre).

But the genius doesn’t stop there. When Tatum does her normal escorting, or shall we say, fan fucks. She may have immunity to prosecution as its part of her movie business. She can film every encounter and only use the footage she gets releases for.

Tatum, establish your brand and then you can subcontract to other performers and watch the money pour in. Cut the performers in on the gross and you will get the top stars doing your “fan fucks”.

Tatum Reed. fucking genius!

Eddie Normous adds: “There’s a brothel in the czech republic where much the same happens- patrons get cheaper rates if they allow their sessions to be filmed & chicks/couples get in free. the brothel is then broadcast on the web, where people buy membership to watch live webcams and pre-recorded scenes. prostitution by proxy in the purest sense.”

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