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Tawny Roberts Vs. Her Ex-BF Marvin Jones Jr

Tawny Roberts calls me Sunday night. She wants to warn the industry about her ex — the slick lawyer Marvin Jones.

Tawny claims Marvin took $500,000 out of her account. She’s suing him.

“He f—ed Devon over too. He’s got a lot of Vivid content and he’s selling that.”

“Now I have a kid… My income… It sucks.”

“He’s bought every one of my domain names [anything with Tawny in it].”

She complains that Marvin has posted personal information about her.

I talk to Tawny’s boyfriend David.

“Tell everyone to stay away from this guy,” he says. “He thinks he’s a big shot in the business. He’s ruined Tawny’s name. He’s not paid people. There are a lot of people lining up to take him down.”

“Tawny’s a great mom. The kid’s doing great.”


Tawny is not married however she is in a serious relationship. Throughout most of 2005 and early 2006 Tawny was said to be dating Mary Carey, who came to fame during the 2003 California recall election, as she was an independent candidate for governor. Their relationship was rocky and best and ended in 2006 when Tawny confornted Mary about her boyfriend who was making sexual advances toward Tawny. Tawny was also dating a slick California lawyer in or around 2005 to 2006 named Marvin Jones Jr. Tawny eventually moved to New York with her new boyfriend David and gave birth to her first child in mid December 2006.

Tawny’s not with Vivid anymore so what’s she doing now?

When Tawny’s 2 year contract with Vivid ended in 2005 her people (aka her lawyer boyfriend at the time) thought it best that Tawny go out on her own and start their own movie company. This inexperienced lawyer figured if Jenna could do it, Tawny could too. In the end it didn’t work out (as you might have guessed). The lawyer stopped paying the talent (even Tawny’s friends that she hired) and as a result it made a lot of them mad at Tawny. Thankfully Tawny ended up leaving the guy and moving on to a new boyfriend across the country. However just to be clear, Tawny did have a good idea. The idea is to bring high class erotica to your mobile phone, PSP and Ipod. Had it been put together by people with more experience in the industry I have no doubt it would have been a raving success. But Tawny wasn’t so lucky. Her boyfriend was reported to be offering some of these girls as much as $8,000 a month. It seems to most outsiders that this guy was just trying to play a big shot and pay these girls over inflated salaries to worship him and when the money ran thin, the girls stopped coming around. Had he wanted to play big shot with the porn stars, he really should have made sure he had the money to pay what he promised the girls. Rumors has it Devon is still upset about not being paid after several months of work for him. Some may not see what the girls do as work but in reality they are professionals and if you want photo shoots of porn stars and promise them money for it, you better pay up.

So anyway long story short, Tawny is working independently at this time. Actually at this time in her life she isn’t really doing anything work related as she just had a baby but according to her MySpace page she does have some plans for some cell phone type content in the future.

I heard Tawny’s first movie for Vivid was her best movie ever. Is this true and what is this movie called?

Every person has likes and dislikes so its hard to call something the best ever anything but I will say this movie was critically acclaimed, getting AVN’s highest rating (AAAA). The name of the movie was called The Most Beautiful Girl I think that draws so much attention about this movie is the scene with Tawny and Eric Eric Masterson. What happens is, Tawny Roberts is stripping for him and that in itself was hot but then she strokes his cock with her feet and in the end he explodes all over her feet. I don’t really explain it well as it is hard to explain but this scene is amazingly creative and well done. It’s a must see for any porn fan and will no doubt turn any skeptic into an instant Tawny fan.

Does Tawny run her own website? I know on the front page it implies she does but after joining I got the feeilng that was far from the case so I cancelled my membership. What’s the real deal?

Tawny turned over control of her website to a company who runs websites for many famous porn stars. Although they tend to claim the stars have something to do with their websites, more often than not, that isn’t the case. However in some cases, the girls do really make an effort. But for the most part the girls email in pictures or videos weekly or monthly and that’s about as involved as they get.

The sad part of this whole story is that Tawny turned control of her website over to a company with a shady reputation. One really famous pornstar (Racquel Darrian) once reorted that she got about $1500 to $2000 a month from her website that company controlled on her behalf and bragged how she got to keep 90% of everything her website made and how other pornstars were being taken advantage of (which actually was true but that’s another story all together) During that same time period it was reported that Racquel’s website was getting as much as 1 million visitors a month. And just so we are clear on the math here … back then the average sign up ratio for sites of that nature were about 1 in 400. That means that out of every 400 people that visited the site, 1 person joined. So if in 1 month 1 million people visited the site about 2,500 of them would have joined. The cost of membership on that site was $29.95 a month (at the time all of this was going on – who knows what it is now) and with service and bank fees, you would expect to keep about $20 of that. $20 * 2500 = $50,000 a month – not the $1,500 to $2,000 they were paying this pornstar.

One can only hope that by now this company has cleaned up their act but the cynical side of me thinks that probably isn’t true and yet another pornstar, this time our own beloved Tawny will be getting just as screwed. It makes me sad but let us hope Tawny has better luck and gains control of her future.

I heard Tawny was religous. Is this true?

Tawny grew up in a very traditional Mormon family. Her father was a Bishop, one of the key positions within the Mormon Church. A bishop is the leader of a local congregation (just like a minister or pastor). In an interview she did for her Vivid website, she said she very much believes in God and that she knows God will accept her no matter what she does … that God loves everyone equally and he isn’t judgemental or a hypocrite like most people.

If you could have only one Tawny movie, which one would it be?

I’ve always been a fan of the big budget, feature film but if I could have only one I would go with Totally Tawny because that way I could get 4 hours of Tawny. ? I know, cheap answer but it’s true. I would rather have 4 hours of Tawny with no plot than just one movie only.

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